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Harvest is a software that offer time tracking, invoicing, expense tracking, and time-based reporting for its users.

The Harvest integration gives your team access to these features directly from the Deskpro interface:

  • Start/Stop Timer: Allow Agents to create time entries by starting or stopping the timer for real-time tracking and monitoring the duration spent on tasks.
  • Log Time Entries Manually: Agents can create time logs manually where they specify the start and end times for a specific task they have worked on or completed.
  • Add Descriptions: For clear referencing, Agents can add descriptions to their entries.
  • Select a Project: Agents can select which Project their time entries refer to, improving how times are tracked on a wider level for clear project management.
  • View Time Logs: Agents can also view any time that has already been logged against a ticket from the app.
  • Field Mapping: Admins can choose to map Deskpro fields to their corresponding Harvest fields to automatically fill them in when creating time entries.