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Our Jira integration enables your support agents and engineers to work closely together and track issues with ease.

Deskpro's Jira integration enables your teams to easily track issues and streamline project management for your development teams.

You can provide support with powerful issue-tracking tools, turn tickets into linked Jira issues or link existing tickets to single or multiple issues. The Jira integration includes Deskpro's rich automation features, so your help desk can respond automatically when new Jira issues or comments are added, or keep Jira users up-to-date with comments.

Agents can see or add Jira comments from the agent interface, allowing them to collaborate with developers who use Jira - all without needing to leave Deskpro. Agents can reply to users, and create Jira comments or issues in one fell swoop.

Deskpro's Jira integration makes collaboration simple:

  • Create Jira issues: Use the app to create Jira issues from Deskpro tickets without having to leave your ticket.
  • Link issues to tickets: Linking issues to tickets in the app lets agents easily view information from Jira while interacting with users making communication more effective.
  • Add comments to issues: Agents can comment on Jira issues from the app to add more information, which can include links to specific emails or notes.
  • View and edit issues: From the agent interface, agents can view and edit linked issues.