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Manage sales leads and prospective customers with Deskpro's Pipedrive integration.

Pipedrive is a popular sales CRM and pipeline management system that tracks leads from prospects to customers. Pipedrive is used by teams to simplify lead management and make sales processes smoother.

The Pipedrive help desk integration with Deskpro allows you to keep your customer support and sales teams on the same page. That is key to closing leads and providing the best support to potential clients and current customers.

With our Pipedrive app:

  • Automatically link your Pipedrive contacts to Deskpro Users
  • You will also be able to manually search if you want to change which Deskpro user is linked to a contact
  • You can display and edit contact details for deals
  • Create, view, and edit deals that are associated with contacts all from your help desk
  • Create activities.