Quickbooks is an accounting software that lets you track and manage businesses expenses.

About Quickbooks

The Quickbooks helpdesk integration with Deskpro allows you to keep your invoicing and accounting more visible to agents. This can help if customers are requesting refunds or there are workflows that you want to automate if a customer purchases a product.

It is often used in conjunction with accounting teams or outsourced accountants, so it needs to be kept up to date and visible to the right people. If your accounting team are working within Quickbooks, automated workflows can be set up to then trigger actions within your helpdesk, such as adding a new customer to the helpdesk after they purchase. Ensuring that your customer support team has the most up to date list of customers they need to support.

The Quickbooks helpdesk integration with Deskpro can be accessed through Zapier. Available Triggers, Searches and Actions from the Quickbooks integration:


  • New Customer
  • New Account
  • New Vendor
  • New Sales Receipt
  • New Sales Receipt
  • New Invoice
  • New Estimate
  • New Payment
  • New Invoice
  • Find Customer
  • Find Invoice
  • Create Customer
  • Send Invoice
  • Create Vendor
  • Create Invoice
  • Create Sales Receipt
  • Create Estimate
  • Create Bill (Item Based)
  • Create Sales Receipt
  • Create Payment
  • Send Sales Receipt
  • Create Invoice By Customer
  • Create Invoice
  • Create Bill (Account Based)
  • Create Check
  • Create Bill (Item Based)