Simplify your sales and support with Deskpro's Shopify integration; one platform to create, manage and run your ecommerce business.

About Shopify

Our Shopify helpdesk integration for Deskpro simplifies your ecommerce processes; have essential shopper data at your fingertips, automate tedious tasks and reduce the risks of manual errors.

Deskpro's Shopify integration provides time-saving automations which perform actions and ensure your data is in the right place, whilst fostering customer satisfaction through more efficient and effective workflows.

Link different software tools together, with no coding required, to set up far-reaching triggers which run when an event occurs in other apps or tools.

The available Triggers, Searches and Actions from the Shopify integration:

  • New Product
  • New Abandoned Cart
  • New Customer
  • New Paid Order
  • Updated Order
  • New Cancelled Order
  • New Order
  • New Order (Any Status)
  • New Blog Entry
  • Find Product by Title
  • Find Customer
  • Find Product Variant by Title
  • Create Customer
  • Update Customer
  • Create Product Variant
  • Update Product Variant
  • Create Product
  • Create Blog Entry
  • Create Order
  • Update Product