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This app is bundled with Deskpro. To install it:
• Go to your Admin Interface
• Navigate to Agents
• Navigate to Auth & SSO
• Click on Add +
• Select HipChat
• Click Install

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Increase productivity and collaboration with the Hipchat helpdesk integration for Deskpro. Ensure teams are always in-the-know.

With our Hipchat helpdesk integration, your teams can communicate effortlessly regarding important support information.

Notify over HipChat: Automatically message a Hipchat room about tickets using Deskpro's powerful automation features.

Not too chatty: Specify exactly when a room gets a message. Get a chat message for every new ticket, or only for important events like SLA failures, or tickets from VIP customers.

Hipchat from SLAs, triggers, and escalations: Send messages to Hipchat using any of Deskpro's powerful automation features.

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