Canned Responses and Snippets: Enhance Customer Support Efficiency

Improve the efficiency of your customer support team with Deskpro's canned responses and snippets feature. Streamline responses, eliminate errors, and provide personalized support using this versatile help desk tool.

Boost productivity
Save common responses so agents never waste time typing the same reply twice.
Eliminate Errors
Canned responses mean agents are less likely to make mistakes when typing replies.
Delight Customers
Agents using snippets can send perfect personalized responses to customers in seconds.
Support Everyone
Provide international support with ease with multi-brand and multi-language canned responses.

Scalable efficiency tools

Snippets help scale personal support

Our help desk software is here to help you and your support team assist your customers and improve their overall happiness.

Snippets are just one tool that can send your satisfaction ratings sky-high.

Versatile Help Desk Tool

Apply snippets across every channel

Snippets can be utilized across live chats and tickets to help agents respond swiftly to customer queries, improving customer satisfaction and saving them valuable time by providing a shortcut to lengthy and personalized responses.

Your support team can apply snippets from the snippet library and create their own to fit a number of different customer support scenarios.

Snippets make up about 80% of each message sent to users. It greatly reduced response times and improved user experience.
Nam Nguyen Director of Customer Success

Intelligent filtering

Categorize snippets within your help desk

Easily find the most appropriate snippet for your response. Filter which snippets appear in the interface by category to find the right response in seconds.

Speedy Search
Once the Snippets menu is open, search for the appropriate canned response or category to find what you need.

Snippet shortcodes

Insert in seconds with simple shortcuts

Agents can also use snippets without having to access the interface; quickly insert canned responses by typing a designated shortcode directly into customer replies.

Create your own canned responses

Build custom snippets with rich editing tools

Add to a growing library of customer service responses by creating new snippets with our rich content editing tools, add inline images and links, or format the message. And save drafts if you're not quite done.

Keep it personal

Every message is unique with custom variables

Personalize each snippet and canned response without any additional tweaking.

Variables automatically insert case-specific information into replies, including custom field data.

A little context

Understand agent usage of your responses

Give your agents quick access to snippets stats. See any recent uses of a snippet, tickets that used it, or sort snippets by frequency of use.

You can also see customer feedback on agent replies that used a particular snippet in a response.

Super simple management

Control visibility of the help desk's snippets

Admins categorize snippets to introduce a streamlined process. So multiple agents can store, create, and use thousands of snippets a minute.

Make department-specific snippets and control who can see and use different snippets, saving agents time by giving them access to the canned response templates they need.

Free your team from unnecessary errors

Just like every other feature that you get with Deskpro, there is always more you can do to customize it and get it working how you and your team need it to.

Usage Reports
Find out exactly which kinds of snippets are being utilized. View and explore snippet usage reports.
Monitor Changes
Keep an eye on any changes made to snippets and canned responses with a handy changelog.
Use your Deskpro snippets and canned responses in other systems or applications - or just keep a copy of them for later.
Never get lost in files when using Snippets and canned responses. Assign attachments to automatically add to replies.
Multi-Channel Snippets
Customize snippets to automatically change text content or style, based on channel.
Allow developers and IT teams to easily integrate Snippets with the rest of your software suite.
Automation is our favorite feature hands down. Anything we can do to help lighten the load helps, we’ve dug into the automation pretty heavily in our Cloud platform. It is probably our most used feature.
Brian Thomason IT Systems Engineer


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