Multi-Workspace Software

Seamlessly switch between active helpdesks

Link multiple instances of your Deskpro helpdesk with the Workspaces feature.

Agents can seamlessly move between their different helpdesks, streamlining workflows, boosting productivity, and making navigation more efficient.

Keep different work segmented across each workspace

You can stay organized with each of your Deskpro instances accessible with two clicks. Transition between each independent workspace with ease.

Unique Workspaces

Each Workspace will retain its unique settings, preferences, and data, allowing you to tailor your workflow to specific instances.

Hassle-free Collaboration

Guarantee effortless communication and coordination across different teams or departments in separate instances with effortless switching.

Smooth Logins

Once you've signed in, moving between multiple helpdesks is easy. Removing the need to log in and out of accounts repeatedly.

Save time and effort

Streamline your multiple helpdesk workflows with the ability to rapidly move between different Deskpro instances from a unified interface.

Connect your workspaces

Log into all of your Deskpro workspaces to have them immediately accessible from the far left corner of the interface.