Let powerful search help you navigate your helpdesk

Search your helpdesk for any information quickly and easily with Deskpro's intuitive searching feature. And make finding answers for your customers, simple.

Equip Your Helpdesk
Make your helpdesk work for you; straightforward, in-depth searching.
Self-Sufficient Customers
Let your end-users help themselves with simple searching functions.
Boost Agent Efficiency
Save your agents time by letting customers answer their own questions.
Seamless Interface
Clear searching interface streamlines the usability of your helpdesk.


Upgrade your searching capabilities

Search helps both your agents and customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

By entering a few letters into the search bar customers can find articles or news posts from key words or phrases and be directed to relevant content from your Help Center.

Whilst your agents can use this function to quickly locate specific tickets that require action.

Features of search

Features of Deskpro's search functionality that help boost the quality of your support service.

Hovering over content shows a preview so it's easier to find the correct result.
Ticket deflection
Customers are directed to any relevant articles when they try to create a ticket.
Highlighted Search Term
Your search bar input is highlighted in the results to contextualize the results.
Sectioned Content
The search results are displayed in sections, such as ticket, task, and CRM.
Sort and Filter
Organize your results by best match, date created, or most recent activity.
Search Words
Add keywords or phrases to articles so they are included in the top results.

Ticket Deflection

Eliminate repetitive tickets and common issues

Search can reduce the number of repetitive tickets that agents receive. When submitting a ticket, search functionality will redirect customers to relevant content on your Help Center when they are submitting a ticket which prompts them to find their own resolution.

Ticket deflection in quick search suggests articles that already exist in your knowledgebase that should answer the issue, saving your agents time from answering the same tickets over and over again.

Agent Interface

Searching from within the helpdesk

For agents, using the search functions from within the helpdesk allows them to quickly locate specific tickets, customer information or anything else in your helpdesk.

The search bar enables agents to search ticket numbers, customer names, specific filters or keywords that refer to the contents of a ticket.

Quick ticket actions
Search enables agents to find the tickets faster so improves the speed of response and resolution.
Keep track of tickets
Searching for specific tickets with the ticket number or customer details makes it easier for agents to find and action a ticket without having to scroll through the helpdesk.
Additional details
Agents can see details about a search result from the interface such as how urgent a ticket is or the status of publishable content.

Saved search

Customize your search fields

You can filter your searches with Deskpro's saved search function; which enables agents and admins to create search categories within the agent interface.

Tickets are allocated to these categories by preset query fields that determine where a ticket is stored; these categories allow agents to quickly locate tickets that fulfil a particular set of criteria.

Search on Deskpro is really cool. It is incredibly deep and being able to search for anything within the same console, is really useful.
Brandon Farrell IT Team Lead

Customer Interface

Searching the Help Center

For your customers the search feature helps them navigate the Help Center.

They can enter their queries into the search bar and they will receive suggestions from your published content that can help resolve their issues.

Help Center
Customers can directly search your Help Center to find any pre-written content that can assist them.
Customer profiles
Within the Help Center customers can search their own active and historic tickets.
Suggested ticket solutions
The quick search bar prompts customers to relevant content that is related to a ticket they are submitting.

Search Words

Make relevant content easy to find

Lead customers to the most relevant article in your Help Center first time. Setting search words that are associated with a specific piece of content ensures it will always be included in the top of the search results.

Search words ensure published content in the Help Center that resolves specific problems will be quick to find and makes customers' lives easier.

When a helpdesk just works it is beautiful, and Deskpro did that from day one. Using the Feedback tool has enabled us to find out what our customers are really thinking. The support team at Deskpro have been very helpful and answered all of our questions.
Arnis Morkans Head of IT