WhatsApp Ticketing Software

Social Support with WhatsApp Ticketing

Unify your helpdesk ticketing system and social media inquiries with Deskpro's WhatsApp ticketing integration.

Respond to messages sent to your WhatsApp Business account from your centralized helpdesk platform.

Converse with customers
Keep support friendly by engaging with and supporting customers directly on their favorite social platforms.
Never miss a message
Every message is centralized in the helpdesk so your agents can stay on top of every issue.
WhatsApp Ticketing Software
WhatsApp messages to your Business Account are converted to helpdesk tickets for seamless support.
Categorize WhatsApp threads
Your automations apply to WhatsApp tickets so you can ensure the right message gets in front of the right team.

Centralized ticket software

Convert WhatsApp messages into tickets

When a customer sends a message, it automatically converts to a query in the helpdesk.

Agent responses are sent directly to customers via WhatsApp. Social media support has never been this seamless, with full WhatsApp customer service platform functionality at your fingertips.

Automatically triage messages
Helpdesk automations intelligently route tickets to the right people so agents can support customers on WhatsApp.
WhatsApp for business
Your business account can link to your helpdesk to provide an instant ticketing solution for your WhatsApp communication.
Let customers chat anywhere
Integrating with WhatsApp provides end-users with a way to communicate with support from wherever.

WhatsApp support

Connect your helpdesk to WhatsApp

Every incoming WhatsApp message to your Business account creates a ticket in the helpdesk.

Your support agents can easily monitor and respond to WhatsApp inquiries without leaving Deskpro.


Engage customers with simple social support

Use Whatsapp for customer support to enable straightforward communication between your brand and customers.

Deskpro's WhatsApp Business integration makes delivering exceptional customer experiences easy. Just connect your WhatsApp account and start resolving support issues.

Social support software, simple pricing

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