Dynamic Forms

Structured data, quicker responses

Collect information in a more structured way than email, with forms. Customize your forms to ensure those looking for support provide all the relevant data the first time.

By providing your agents with everything they need straight away, tickets can be solved quicker with less back and forth.


Supercharge your customer support

Build a happier customer base with more efficient logging of issues and effective support from agents. Forms help to streamline your support and allow for more personal interactions.

1 Gather specific details

Get the exact information you need for specific issues so your support team are set up for success from the start.

2 Get personal

Automate workflows to run depending on ticket data, ensuring issues are sent to the best departments and agents.

3 Quickly resolve the issue at hand

With all the useful data right at your agents' fingertips they can utilize productivity tools to respond and solve customer issues efficiently.

4 Great job! Another satisfied customer


Your helpdesk, your forms, your rules

Take complete control of your ticket form layout. Customize your forms so that you ask your customers exactly what's required for your agents to diagnose and solve their issue. Decide what information your agents need to see and adjust your forms accordingly.

Collect customer information in the format that suits you best

Your form layouts can collect any combination of information that you require in a number of display formats. Here are some of the display options that Deskpro's dynamic forms can include:

Radio Buttons
Pre-defined choices where only one answer can be selected.
Single-Line Text Box
A single line of text that customers can input into; up to 136 characters.
Multi-Line Text Box
A larger text input box that accepts multiple lines of information.
Drop Down
Pre-defined choices in a drop down menu with only one selected answer.
Multiple Select Box
Pre-defined drop down menu with a multiple selection option.
Pre-defined boxes with multiple select function.
A simple binary checkbox that is either on or off.
Allows customers to input monetary values into forms.
I really like the fact I can create unlimited custom fields with ease and I love that I can report on those.
Justin Houchin Systems Engineer


Change with your customers needs

Different types of issues require different information from customers. Dynamic forms change to reflect the information that is required from your customer to help your agents solve their specific problems.

Routing on forms ensures that every enquiry is delivered straight to the right team of agents.

custom fields

More than just a customer profile

From toggles to dates, attachments, and more, Deskpro gives you the flexibility to utilize a multitude of different custom fields.

Your customers can submit everything that your agents need to solve their problems, so they don't have to keep chasing them for more details.

An organized helpdesk for everyone

Forms on Deskpro allow you to organize your customers exactly as you wish in the most secure way possible.

Control access to support by structuring your helpdesk with departments.
Decide which customers or end-users you want to have access to your forms.
Create tickets directly from forms on your website, a more secure option than email.


A picture is worth a thousand words

Bring instant context into any conversation. Whether it is a screenshot of a tech issue, a photo of a damaged parcel, or debug log, give your customer the ability to upload files and screenshots to forms.


Multiple forms for multiple brands

Give customers of your separate products, services, or audiences their own request forms. Deskpro gives you greater control over how your different customer segments can contact you, perfect for when you are providing localized support. Your customer's queries will always reach the right team.

We looked at all the major players in the industry and none of them could come close to Deskpro in price, functionality or customer service.
Brian Polackoff VP of Sales & Client Relations


Make it easy for customers to reach you

Forms can be used in different places across your helpdesk, website and organization. They can be used externally for customers as well as internally for employees and staff.

automate it

Custom workflows for your organization

Because forms give you a much more structured way of requesting information from customers, you can do so much more than email to provide great support.

Fields on a form can be used alongside your organization workflows to ensure that tickets are organized and resolved in the best possible way.

Ticket Deflection

Reduce unnecessary tickets

When customers are filling out a contact form, Deskpro can suggest articles in your Help Center that are likely to solve your customer's question before they submit a ticket. By utilizing self-service content it can improve your resolution times and reduce incoming tickets.

We chose Deskpro because we wanted a helpdesk that gives us the flexibility to improve productivity and provide a human element to our support.
David Brooks 247Time, Leicestershire