Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer experience with rich and insightful data

Providing a first class customer experience is easy when you understand exactly what your customers need.

Gather analytical insights from your customers’ feedback with CSAT software built into your helpdesk.

Understand your customers

Gather direct feedback and ensure your customers are at the heart of your improvements.

Track your performance

Data provides insights let you pinpoint areas of weakness that your organization can improve upon.

Boost customer retention

Customers that feel heard, feel valued. Action feedback and improve your services to boost your business.

Navigate feedback with ease

In-build CSAT software makes measuring customer feedback simple, your insights are right where you need them.

When a helpdesk just works it is beautiful, and Deskpro did that from day one. Using the Feedback tool has enabled us to find out what our customers are really thinking. The support team at Deskpro have been very helpful and answered all of our questions.
Arnis MorkansHead of IT

Never question how your customers feel about your service with insightful metrics

Knowing how your customers feel about your brand and services lets you make strategic decisions that increase customer satisfaction, retention and even drive sales.

Customers can give the customer support they received a rating; positive, neutral or negative.

Automatic actions

Automate actions to ensure customer responses are reacted to quickly

Admins can set up automations to run based on survey responses so any discontented customers can be taken care of quickly and effectively.

Make sure every satisfaction survey is acted on so your team can work on improving at every stage of the support journey.

Positive Response

Keep track of the customers that leave a positive response and analyze where your organization is performing well.

Neutral Response

Keep a careful eye on neutral scores, identify smaller issues and improvements that can boost your service for customers.

Negative Response

Automatically add managers to follow issues and label urgency to carefully monitor and fix any issues.


Real-time updates gives you key insights into your performance

Keeping track of your customer satisfaction is easy; with Deskpro's reporting interface you can see real-time updates to your CSAT score. Watch for any changes to quickly act and improve your customer service.

Pinpoint areas of improvement and understand exactly what your customers think about your products, services and support.


Make your feedback work for you

Design your surveys to elicit the data you need; by editing email templates you can create custom satisfaction messages.

Create custom surveys per department, service or product and gather specific feedback that helps you to improve the various areas of your company.

Control how your surveys are distributed and analyzed

How you send them

Decide if you want to send a survey after each individual response, ticket resolution, or both.

When you send them

Select the timescale within which the survey request is sent, ranging from seconds to years.

Who can view them

Control whether agents can view customer responses or if only admins can access feedback.

User Experience

Make sending feedback as simple as possible for your customers

Value the people that interact with your business everyday and listen to their insights.

Customers can access the satisfaction ratings through the Help Center, who can rate the support they received for their ticket with a star rating.

Coming soon

Different types of customer satisfaction scores

In-built CSAT software solution alongside a robust multi-channel helpdesk; reducing the need for third party survey applications with a helpdesk that can manage it all.


Customer Satisfaction software acts as a KPI to tracks how happy your customers are with your services or products.


Net Promoter Score measures how your customers experience your services and products in order to predict customer loyalty and retention.

5 star scoring

A 5 star rating scale is a key indicator of an organization's performance based on customers' experiences.

In-built satisfaction reporting

In-built satisfaction reports will enable you to quickly and easily track your organization's performance and stay up to date on your ratings.

We can spend more time focusing on customer service with Deskpro taking care of the admin and automated tasks. We can now monitor customer satisfaction for the first time, using the feedback rating system when we close a ticket.
Anthony EvansSupport Analyst
Deskpro is a great tool and helps our teams collaborate better. We make data-driven decisions using the reports to keep improving for our users.
Robert TankaHead of Technical Operations
Deskpro has helped us improve our response times and the quality of the responses we have been able to give our customers.
Neil DavisProcurement Support Manager
We didn’t have a ticketing system before Deskpro, but it’s very intuitive and easy to handle.
Stefan UrdlCorporate Director of IT

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