Still using Gmail or Outlook to manage customer support? Try help desk software

Discover what helpdesk software is, how it works, and how you could benefit from using it

A better way to manage customer support

With a helpdesk, you’re able to easily establish and nurture meaningful relationships with their customers - even if you are running a business by yourself from a laptop in a coffee shop.

Anytime a customer contacts you - be it through email, phone, social, or web chat - helpdesk software captures these interactions and displays them in a simple user interface

Find everything in its right place

See full customer conversations with entire message history.

All support activity is transparent to everyone in your business, increasing accountability and enabling a new standard of support quality.

Prioritize all support activity with ease

Easily manage, organize, filter and label every customer conversation

Core helpdesk functions allow you to make perfect sense of which issues need support most urgently, so you can spend less time searching through heaps of email.

Increase efficiency without effort

Save tonnes of time when replying to customers or managing tickets

Create, manage, and use automation tools - saving you the pain of completing the same tasks over and over again.

Empower your teams to collaborate

Allow multiple people to work on the same issues at the same time

Internal communication is easy with internal messaging. Colleagues can also easily follow particular tickets or invite others to assist with trickier issues.

Examine and share metrics that matter

Understand metrics like workload, response times and resolution rates

Dashboards and custom reports mean you can quickly and accurately assess how to improve the performance of your team and the level of support you offer customers.

“It’s simple, powerful, and easy to use. We love it.” - Martin Pislar, IT Project Manager, Car Target

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