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Help your community members with affordable helpdesk software, plus 40% Discount for Non-Profit organizations.

Charities and communities rely on Deskpro to do their part

USA Soccer
Les Scouts
Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise
Outcomes Star (Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise)
Aurora Mental Health Center
British Dental Association
Down Syndrome Scotland
Elder Services of Worcester Area (ESWA)
Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana (VOAOHIN)
Acenda Integrated Health

40% Discount for Non-Profit Organizations

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Deskpro is easy to use, has lots of configuration options and is very fast compared to other ticket logging systems.
Steve SteelNetwork Engineer

Make a difference with helpdesk software for non-profit organizations

Charities, community organizations and Non-Profit’s are constantly challenged with competing priorities. From communication challenges with a highly limited capacity to critical admin tasks.

With Deskpro, you can focus on making a positive impact on the world. Our helpdesk software for Non-Profit organizations brings together all your support requests into a single, intuitive interface - regardless of whether it’s over email, phone, live chat, or social. With Deskpro, you can effortlessly manage support queries from the people who interact with your organization.

Security conscious

Keep all of your community's personal data safe.

Do more to help

Assist more than ever with clever automation tools.

Affordable software

Great support without breaking the bank; with a 40% Non-Profit discount.


Help users around the clock with self-service.


Focus on making your positive impact on the world

There are plenty of things to think about when running your Non-Profit organization. Worrying about communication with your customers shouldn’t be one of them. Automations within Deskpro help you to achieve a state of customer support calm.

Supercharged support

Save your agents valuable time by configuring triggers that run automatic actions in response to ticket events.

Service Level Agreements

Never let your members down

Monitor your helpdesk response times with SLAs and automate actions to maintain high standards.

Resolve customer issues

Your custom SLAs let you monitor your helpdesk performance; ensure the highest quality support for you community by meeting your ticket response expectation.

We have had such a positive interaction with the Deskpro support team, it's really appreciated. Deskpro's technical support is very responsive and we love that.
Christian MattartWebmaster


Free up precious time

Running a non-profit organization means efficiency is key to making an impact, but being as productive as possible is tricky if you’re not equipped with the right software.

Deskpro takes the headache out of managing your support requests. Our software comes with powerful productivity tools, allowing even the busiest of fundraisers to handle support requests with ease.


Let your community help themselves

Do you spend a large amount of time answering the same repetitive questions? Wish you could provide your community with answers they can access whenever it suits them?

Deskpro’s customizable self-service Help Center and Knowledgebase means your customers can answer their own questions, allowing you to focus on what matters. Our software comes with sophisticated content authoring and publishing tools, so you can effortlessly create a self-service Help Center that lets customers help themselves.

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Post answers to common problems in your Knowledgebase, so that your community can help themselves, freeing up your agents to work on higher priority issues.

Ticket Deflection

Encourage self-service by automatically suggesting articles aligned to ticket issues.

Instant Search

Customers can quickly find articles in the Knowledgebase and resolve their own queries.

We direct staff to the Help Center instead of sending us an email because there are specific questions they have to answer and this way we can drive responses.
Nick MartunasIT Manager


Your helpdesk, your way

Sometimes you need full control over your helpdesk software. That’s why we leave the choice between an On-Premise or Cloud solution down to you. If you have specific needs over hardware, data and processes, Deskpro On-Premise gives you the freedom to set things up exactly how you like them.

Unlike other leading helpdesk solutions, Deskpro can be deployed on your own server infrastructure or as a fully-hosted Cloud service. We’re confident you know what’s best for your organization.

You're in charge

Deskpro On-Premise means you’re in charge of your data backup policy and access.

Host Anywhere

Host your helpdesk on a particular domain or subdomain.

Flexible Configuration

Deskpro On-Premise can be hosted on multiple servers for performance and availability.

Firewall Friendly

Deskpro works behind your firewall; allow access by logging in with your secure network.


Keep your data secure

As a non-profit organization, it’s likely that you handle both the sensitive details of vulnerable individuals and the transactional details of donors. Keeping your data secure is absolutely imperative to ensuring your organization can really make a difference.

Deskpro takes security seriously. You can control exactly who has access to what data, where it is stored and how you share personal information with teams.

Guaranteed Uptime

We take security seriously, so Deskpro can guarantee up to 99.99% uptime.

All Bases Covered

Maintenance of our servers is automated. Leading third-party protection minimizes risks.

Maximum Control

Define password policies, or restrict logins from untrusted IP addresses.

Safe Hands

Our data centers are audited to meet the SSAE16 SOC 1 Type I standard for physical security.

We're always here to help you and your team

When you buy Deskpro you're getting more than just software. We're here to support you every step of the way, from regular software updates to support, training and advice.
Capterra RatingG2 Medal
We are very happy with Deskpro and the excellent support I have always received whenever I ask a question on live chat. Deskpro is easy to use, has lots of configuration options and is very fast compared to other ticket logging systems.
Steve SteelLead Network Engineer
We mainly use the ticketing system for our IT team, day-to-day. But we have created articles and guides on their Help Center for staff to submit different requests.
Nick MartunasIT Manager
Deskpro is our main communication system with our client base and it’s working very well for us.
David NeelmanDirector, Project & Client Services