Keeping smiles on the faces of your patients and staff

Our centralized helpdesk stores all your patient data in one convenient place, and helps to reduce the pressure on your staff.

Healthcare heroes that rely on Deskpro

ProScan Imaging
Arkansas Urology (PNG)
Specialist Pharmacy
AEG Vision (FKA Acuity Eyecare Group)
Aurora Mental Health Center
British Dental Association
Carter Healthcare
Echo Health Ventures
Novari Health
Washington County Mental Health Services
Saico Health
Momentum Healthware
Heart of Hospice
Dentex Healthcare
Planet Medical Group (From Mars)
Sacremento ENT
MHC Medical Network

Out of the on-premise helpdesk software options, Deskpro stood out. When we started looking for a solution Deskpro ticked all the boxes in terms of features.

Glenn Jackson
IT Support Engineer
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Join other healthcare providers and improve support with Deskpro

“We were using another helpdesk software, but we had to stop using it because it wasn’t compliant with current legislation surrounding health care data.”
Glenn Jackson
IT Support Engineer
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“We are always glad that we moved from Outlook to Deskpro, our capacity to handle support is much better now. We can measure our performance and stay on-top of all our client communication.”
Mustafa Büyükkaya
IT & Business Development Manager
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“It was all fantastic. Everyone was able to pick up the system pretty quickly – because of the simple interface.”
Colin Jones
IT Specialist
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Keeping sensitive healthcare data secure

Whether you choose our Cloud or On-Premise deployment for your helpdesk, Deskpro can ensure that your patients' data will be kept secure.


Cloud deployment protects against intruders and secure AWS immediately writes up your data to disk which is backed up in multiple locations with up to 99.99% uptime guarantee.


On-Premise offers the same security as Cloud with the benefit of self-hosting. Control who accesses your data to comply with healthcare regulations and protect the sensitive information stored in your helpdesk.

Deskpro's compliance certifications and regulations













Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus

California Consumer Privacy Act

California Consumer Privacy Act


Prioritize your patients' needs with ease

If a patient needs emergency medication, or has a time sensitive health issue they will need a quick resolution.

Arm your agents with time-saving tools that increase the efficiency, quality and consistency of their work so that they can resolve any problems for your patients and still provide top quality support.

Make sure your patients always feel taken care of

Automations that your admins create will ensure that actions occur to notify the correct agent or department of a priority ticket, without the need to manually triage tickets.

Important patients who require an urgent response can be added into a usergroup in your CRM as a priority patient. Settings applied to that usergroup will ensure their tickets are highlighted within the helpdesk.

Optimize your workflow with custom automations

When you're dealing with similar queries everyday a helpdesk that makes common and repetitive tasks more efficient through powerful automation tools is essential.

Customize your automation tools to save your agents time and reduce overall costs by optimising workflows.

Custom Form Fields

Require specific form fields so agents have all the necessary information to resolve the ticket, which store the patient's information for future use.

Custom SLAs

Define your own organizational SLAs to ensure your patients receive efficient responses to keep agents working efficiently and patients satisfied.

We can set it so that if something has a deadline, we will be alerted nearer to the due date. It is stuff like that really helps HR a lot.

Colin Jones
IT Specialist
14 day free trial
No credit card required


Avoid administrative bottlenecks with a streamlined authorization process

In a medical field it is often necessary to get approval from senior or specifically qualified individuals before you can move forward with a solution because of stringent medical guidelines and compliancies.

With a streamlined approvals process your agents can easily request approvals and ensure they reach the right person every time. Approvals in Deskpro provide organizational transparency that enables agents and admins to resolve tickets more efficiently with all the required permissions.

Omni-Channel Helpdesk

Centralize patient information

All your patients communications will be stored within your helpdesk so you can easily keep track of their history. Agents can quickly retrieve information about your patients from one centralized location allowing your agents to resolve issues more efficiently.

Your patients won't have to relay their sensitive medical information each time they get in contact, whilst also making it easier for your agents to locate their medical history.

Communication Channels

Tickets created from any communication channel will be routed to the same location in the helpdesk and linked to the patient's account so your agents can quickly retrieve their information at the push of a button.


Your patient data will be stored within their individual profiles in your help center. Making patient and ticket history easy to access providing agents with all the necessary information to help resolve their issues.


Admins control access to patient groups and can grant permissions to specific departments or teams, ensuring only the necessary agents have access to sensitive patient data.

24/7 Self-Service

Simplify self-service for your patients

Build a robust Help Center to provide your patients with 24/7 access to helpful content. If your agents spend valuable time answering the same questions every day then you could benefit from a platform containing articles about prescription refills, or downloadable change of address forms.

Providing this to your patients reduces the strain on your agents, who can spend more time on queries that require individual attention and referring common inquiries to the Knowledgebase full of helpful content.


Your patients can access answers quickly and easily with your Knowledgebase. A dedicated self-service platform giving access to information 24/7.


Publish how-to guides on your help center to give instructions about your service which your customers can refer to, reducing the demand placed on agents.

Patient Profile

Patients can manage their tickets though their secure profile, protecting their data and removing the need for them to share sensitive information over email or the phone.

Dynamic Forms

Dynamic forms filter questions in response to the fields your patient selects. Tailoring the questions to fit the patient directs their response to the correct department.


Analytical insights that you can action

Measure your support service through customer feedback and discover what does and doesn't work for your customers.

Patient feedback helps you monitor the performance of your helpdesk and Deskpro's customizable reporting and dashboard systems display insights about your performance clearly and conveniently through automatic report generating.

Automated Reporting

Set your dashboard to send updates on schedule and stay up to date with your organization's performance.

Reports Access

Control who accesses report data keep them visible to all agents or just for management.

Deskpro is a very flexible and easy to use ticketing system environment. The integration with our Active Directory was a breeze and customer support was phenomenal. I’m very happy with the product and recommend it to every business.

Mohamed Jad Amouri
Senior Lead IT Engineer