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Serve your community with powerful helpdesk software that enables seamless communication.

Global government bodies support communities with Deskpro

City of Kettering
US Department of Defense
Federal Public Defender Office Southern District of Ohio
BCFSA (Previously RECBC)
Indonesian Ministry of Finance
City of Miamisburg Parks & Recreation
South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice
US Courts Southern District of Georgia
Home Office
US Courts Southern District of Ohio
City of Newberg
Department for Work & Pensions (DWP)
Deskpro makes it easier to track everything, and open ticket emails aren't getting lost like they were in the past.
Brad Craley Senior Systems Admin

Helpdesk features

Manage your community with helpful features

Your organization has an extraordinary amount of responsibility, and you need a powerful helpdesk to keep up while being flexible enough to fulfill your specific needs.

Every channel of communication is stored in one place; your Deskpro helpdesk.
Help Center
Host all your knowledgebase articles and content on your customizable Help Center.
Offer constituents 24/7 access to a library of relevant resources in one place.
Create individual branded Help Centers for your organization's departments or subsidiaries.
Ticket Triggers
Automated triggers direct tickets to be handled by the relevant agents or departments.
Reduce demand on your agents with 24/7 access to your Help Center content.
Store essential downloadable resources in one place for the public to easily access.
You control access to your Help Center with agent and usergroup permissions.
Implement intelligent automation tools to streamline workflows in your helpdesk.
Create a library of custom canned responses to increase agent efficiency.
Fast track agent tasks by automating complex actions and replies.
Follow Ups
Pre-arrange replies to run at or after a set amount of time has elapsed.

Resolve Issues With Ease

Never lose track of community tickets

Our full-featured software simplifies communication with constituents by creating efficient and effective solutions for routing and automating everyday processes.


Secure service that covers every base

Whichever of Deskpro's deployment options you choose, Cloud or On-Premise, your organizational and constituent data will be protected and processed with bank-level security.

Defend your helpdesk and agents with Deskpro's smart security software that filters out spam or tickets from potentially abusive individuals, and protect all the information sent into your organization.

Deskpro's security compliance certifications and regulations

ISO 27001
ISO 27001
Cyber Essentials Plus
Cyber Essentials Plus
California Consumer Privacy Act
California Consumer Privacy Act

Keep your community safe and secure with Deskpro


Helpdesk software that scales

Whether your governing body resides over an entire nation or a city council, your operations are wide-scale. And you need a helpdesk that can accommodate that.

Deskpro lets you scale one instance of your Help Center across multiple front doors, so you can organize content and report across your organization from one intuitive helpdesk.

Deskpro's wide range of features helps you provide support across your service, no matter the size of your organization.

Dedicated Help Center

Create variations of your support center

Let your community know they're in the right place when they land at your Help Center. And make it as easy as possible to find the right information.

Customize dedicated Help Centers throughout the branches of your organization to make them distinct and uniquely equipped for your various departments.

Agent Assignment
Assign your agents to departments based on their specialized knowledge, role, or access level.
Help Centers can be customized in line with the branding of your departments with logos, colors, and more.
Create specialized published content across each of your front doors on separate knowledgebase platforms.
Easy navigation
Use separate end-user interfaces or user permissions to dictate who can view and navigate the Help Center platform.

Help Center

Create a powerful self-service platform

Host essential information on your Help Center and provide a 24/7 hub of knowledge and create fewer helpdesk tickets.

Dynamic Forms
Ensure tickets reach the correct department with custom form fields that filter incoming tickets.
Constituents can access downloadable files through the Help Center and agents can quick reply with links to articles.
Control who can see areas of your Help Center by assigning permissions to specific groups internally and externally.


Publish content to help your community

Create your own published content within your Help Centers to optimize your support.

Control which articles appear across your various departmental knowledgebases to create a specialized hub of knowledge for each branch of your organization.

Quick Links
Agents can reply to tickets with the pre-written articles that explain how to resolve an issue to help constituents find specific content and speed up ticket resolution for agents.
Ticket Deflection
Pre-written knowledgebase articles and guides will automatically be suggested to constituents when a ticket query matches published content.
Read more about Knowledgebase
Deskpro is a very flexible and easy to use ticketing system environment. The integration with our Active Directory was a breeze and customer support was phenomenal. I’m very happy with the product and recommend it to every business.
Mohamed Jad Amraoui Systems Engineer

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