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Celtic Bank
Dukascopy Bank
AMG National Trust Bank
First State Bank
The Progressive Building Society
Treasury Intelligence Solutions
ARB Investments
KS State Bank
Hallmark Home Mortgage
Bullion Vault

Self-Sufficient Customers
Self-service help center providing 24/7 information
Statistical Insights
In-depth reporting provides rich analytical data about your helpdesk
Streamline Operations
Intelligent automation tools to boost your organization's efficiency
Cloud or On-Premise
Choose between two deployment options for your helpdesk
Extensive Customization
Customize your support system to fit your organization's needs
Control Helpdesk Access
Control who has access to what information with permission settings


Intelligent reporting gives you valuable insights

Intelligent reporting helps you to monitor your organization, keep on top of your budgeting, track your customers' financial behaviors and gain a deeper understanding of your clients.

Arm yourself with information about company performance that helps you to improve your customer support and remain economically sound.

Learn about Reporting in Deskpro

Audit Logs
Ticket logs provide a transparent view of actions that occur in your helpdesk, enabling a secure and informative audit trail of agent actions.
Produce visual displays of data and metrics that show your organization's performance on custom or in-built dashboards.
Custom Reports
Rich custom report building options mean you can generate reports on highly specific data with DPQL query language.

Audit logs
Ticket logs provide a transparent view of actions that occur in your helpdesk, enabling secure and informative auditing.
Produce visual displays of data and that show your organization's performance on custom or in-built dashboards.
Custom reports
Rich custom report building options mean you can generate reports on highly specific data with DPQL query language.


Keeping sensitive data secure is a priority

In the financial sector, you process huge amounts of sensitive financial information on a daily basis. With the rise in online and mobile banking it is essential to keep your customer information secure and protect your online platforms from cyber attacks.

Deskpro offers highly secure On-Premise and Cloud deployments, with On-Premise you can host your helpdesk on your choice of server infrastructure giving you total control over data access or we can host your data securely in AWS data centers in the US, UK or EU.

Added control with an On-Premise installation can help you meet specific financial regulations.
Comprehensive audit logs are kept, including type, action, performer, which are timestamped.
Secure access
Admins can configure multiple options for Single Sign On with Two Factor Authentication.
Password policies
Create custom password policies for your agents to further protect your helpdesk.

On-Premise vs Cloud

Deploy your helpdesk your way

You choose between a Cloud or On-Premise deployment; if you have specific needs over hardware, data and processes, Deskpro On-Premise gives you the freedom to set things up exactly how you like.

And if you change your mind Deskpro also allows you to switch between our deployment options with ease.

Deskpro's On-Premise deployment lets you run your own PHP-powered helpdesk on the server of your choice.
On Cloud deployment is our hosted service where we run your helpdesk from secure data centers and take care of backups, updates, security and bandwidth costs.
Deskpro is a robust do-it-all ticketing platform and with a great customer support team, it has made switching even easier.
Timothy Kinnie IT Analyst


Customize your helpdesk to simplify everyday processes

Deskpro offers highly customizable features which allow you to create a helpdesk that is uniquely yours, simplifies common tasks and makes your assistance more efficient.

When your clients need assistance you want to quickly get to work and have all the information you need at your fingertips.

24/7 self-service

Self-sufficient customers save valuable agent time

It might seem like your agents get numerous requests a day about the same problems; utilizing Deskpro's Help Center can help to reduce the time agents spend answer the same tickets over and over again.

By creating an article for a common issue, you agents can quickly direct customers to the right answer, and 24/7 access to helpful articles mean your customers can find the solution anytime.

Ticket deflection
When customers are submitting a ticket they will be automatically routed to relevant articles in your knowledgebase; reducing the number of repeated tickets you receive.
Receive feedback
When customers use your knowledgebase they can rate how useful the resource was for them so you can make sure your articles are as helpful and effective as possible.
Easy publishing
Quickly edit and create articles from within the helpdesk interface; agents can easily make new guides as needed from tickets that are being submitted.
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Protect confidential information with access controls

Protecting customer information and following security protocol is important, Deskpro allows you to decide who can access what information across your helpdesk so sensitive financial data is only accessible to those who strictly need it.

Admin Permissions
Admins control the permission settings for agents and customers, giving and restricting access as needed. And dictating which areas of your helpdesk require customers to be signed in to access.
Agent Permissions
Agents permissions can be controlled from individual accounts, or across entire departments.
Customer Permissions
Different customers usergroups are controlled through the CRM, dictate which areas of the Help Center require password access.
We are always glad that we moved from Outlook to Deskpro, our capacity to handle support is much better now. We can measure our performance and stay on top of all our client communication.
Mustafa Büyükkaya IT & Business Development Manager


Automation tools help your agents to be more productive

Deskpro has a number of intelligent automation tools that can make your agents' customer support more efficient. Sending out everyday processes that require the same actions time and time again; like payment confirmations, or password resets can eat into your agents' time.

Using productivity tools enables them to solve more problems, faster, and still provide the best support possible.

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When you buy Deskpro you're getting more than just software. We're here to support you every step of the way, from regular software updates to support, training and advice.
Capterra Rating G2 Medal
Deskpro is an integral part of our daily communication.
David Neelman Director, Project & Client Services