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Manage player communities effortlessly with powerful helpdesk software for gaming. Don’t let your support lag behind the competition.

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Nurture your player community

Fostering massive communities of enthusiastic players, remaining within budget, and handling a wide range of sensitive support issues is no mean feat.

With Deskpro, you can turn your casual players into die-hard evangelists of your franchise. Our helpdesk software for gaming brings together all your support requests into a single, intuitive interface - regardless of whether it’s over email, phone, live chat or social.

Boost your productivity
Combine powerful automations to help you solve customers' tickets seamlessly.
Promote self-service
Utilize your Knowledgebase to reduce strain on agents and get quick solutions for customers.
Enrich your network
Smoothly integrate a whole host of apps and integrations with our simple integrations.
Separate your products
Support players across multiple Help Centers for your different products and games.


Hack into your teams productivity

Video games have evolved to be more social over the years. People used to play by themselves, but now there are millions of people across the globe playing together.

If you receive support requests around the clock, from all over the world, you need a solution that prioritizes agent productivity and automation. See how you can boost your productivity with Deskpro's automations.


Supercharged support

Save hours by configuring powerful triggers that run automatic actions in response to ticket events.

Triggers enable your helpdesk to streamline the organization of your tickets; create these automations once and then let Deskpro handle the rest.

Set up time-based escalations for tickets that have spent too long in a certain state and ensure your SLAs are being met.


Reduce support lag

Create customized macros that boost your agents' productivity. Level up your common helpdesk processes using macros, which automatically carry out a series of predefined actions.

Automate everyday tasks by running complex combinations of necessary actions at the click of a button.

Mass Actions

Respond at scale

Don't limit yourself; let agents update and communicate with your community of players all at once with mass actions that simplify mass communication and save your agents time.

Mass Actions
Mass actions help agents respond to up to 50 tickets with the same response; perfect for updating players about outages.


Perfect responses, every time

Quickly insert pre-written responses to typical issues with a couple of clicks with your custom snippet library. Help your agents send the perfect personalized responses every time.

self-service help center

Empower your players to help themselves

Gaming has evolved over time from solitary experiences into live, ‘always on’ worlds with millions of players, with super-engaged communities that have grown around them. This means you’re going to be receiving support requests around the clock, from all over the world.

Deskpro comes with sophisticated content authoring and publishing tools, so you can effortlessly create a self-service Help Center that lets your players help themselves. Leaving you and your agents more time to be more productive.

Community Forum

Create a collaborative community of team players

Your players all love to communicate with one another and lend a helping hand. With Deskpro, your Community provides a friendly and collaborative forum for players to communicate with one another.

Let your customers team up and collaborate on suggestions and feedback; on a forum that lets them be a part of the conversation. Keep the spirit of team work alive; by letting players answer each other's questions and comment on each other's posts.

apps & integrations

Seamless helpdesk integrations

Managing gaming communities means making sure the vital tools are in place and connected to your helpdesk, so your team can support players effectively.

Whether you automatically want to flag bugs in Trello, or seamlessly connect Deskpro with your player database, we make integrating your helpdesk with your existing applications as easy as possible.

Migrating to Deskpro was plain sailing. We didn’t have any issues, it was painless and having regular upgrades of the software is fantastic, it improves every time.
Jonathan Bonnici Technical Support


Multiple titles, one helpdesk

Whether it’s handling product keys for a new release or rolling out patch updates for your most popular game, Deskpro makes it possible to create and customize multi-branded Help Centers. Allowing you to offer dynamic support to all your players - using a single helpdesk solution for your agents.

Unique Content
Create Knowledgebase articles, news posts and downloads.
Departmental Support
Each game can have its own Help Center, so players find solutions easily.
Custom Branding
Brand each Help Center with different logos, colors, fonts and layouts.
Expert Agents
Assign agents to certain titles, guaranteeing players the best support.


Protect your community

Processing massive amounts of transactional data every day, and the increasing value associated with player accounts, means your software investments need to be incredibly secure.

Deskpro always gets a highscore for security. We offer both On-Premise and Cloud helpdesk deployments. Our Cloud servers operate with bank-level security technology and can be hosted on AWS in either the US, EU or UK. If situations change, you can easily switch between deployment options.

Guaranteed Uptime
Because we take our security seriously, Deskpro can guarantee over 99.99% uptime on Enterprise.
Maximum Control
Define password policies, or restrict logins from untrusted IP addresses.
All Bases Covered
Integrate your helpdesk with your IT team. Deployment and maintenance of our servers is automated.
Safe Hands
Our data centers are regularly audited to meet SSAE16 SOC 1 Type I physical security standard.

We're always here to help you and your team

When you buy Deskpro you're getting more than just software. We're here to support you every step of the way, from regular software updates to support, training and advice.
Capterra Rating G2 Medal
The best support tool around. Deskpro is fully customizable and dynamic. It is an excellent tool for remote customer support.
Christian Cantinelli Service Manager