Deskpro Helpdesk Software

Revolutionize support with Deskpro Horizon

Experience the power of all-in-one helpdesk software with Deskpro Horizon.

Further streamline your support operations and improve overall customer experience with Horizon's advanced features and user-friendly interface.

Deskpro Horizon

Take a tour of the Horizon interface

Our powerful and intuitive helpdesk interface has been re-imagined for Admins and Agents to enhance your support ability. Take a tour of the helpdesk and familiarize yourself with Horizon.

Beautiful interface

Get to know the new Deskpro Platform

The Deskpro product interface has been re-imagined to provide a flexible and painless solution for helpdesk management that never compromises on power.

A truly all-in-one solution, where every communication channel creates a ticket in the interface that can be managed in one centralized location.

New Features

Features available only when you upgrade to Deskpro Horizon

To access the newest Deskpro features, you need to upgrade from your legacy helpdesk to Deskpro Horizon. Unlock the latest features for your team and gain the exciting features we add as part of our weekly releases.

Capture every message seamlessly

Users want smooth, multi-channel support, so you need a helpdesk that can keep up. With Deskpro Horizon, every message from any communication channel is centralized as a ticket, so you can manage every interaction in one intuitive interface.


Every email request or conversation is owned, transparent, and resolvable.


Connect with customers and resolve issues in real-time on live chat.


Support your customers' needs on the platforms they depend on.


Make supporting customers over the phone simple with intelligent call center software.


Dynamic forms capture the relevant information your agents need to solve any issue.


Manage online reviews for your brand and app platforms all from your helpdesk.

Apps & Integrations

Integrate your tech stack for seamless workflow automation

Seamlessly integrate with a range of third-party tools and services, such as CRM software, e-commerce platforms, and more.

This can help you to streamline your workflows, reduce manual data entry, and improve overall efficiency.

Your Deskpro Workspace

Horizon's flexible and intuitive interface

Deskpro Horizon comes with a sleek and modern user interface that makes it easy for agents to navigate and manage tickets.

We've expanded the flexibility of the interface by adding new views, collapsable columns, and re-sizable panes so our interface works on any screen.

Regular upgrades to the Horizon product

We release a new version of Horizon every week with new features, improvements, and fixes.