Review Management Software

Manage your online reputation with review management software

Our in-built review channels let you manage customer reviews from your helpdesk; centralizing support and review channels has never been easier.

Real-time ratings

Ratings left on your review platforms will automatically create a ticket in the helpdesk.

Centralize your support

Connect your channels and never miss feedback by streamlining response workflows for your agents.

Improve your reviews

Your helpdesk will help your agents stay on top of reviews and respond quickly to ratings.

Positive CX journeys

Provide excellent customer journeys by tracking CX from your helpdesk support to your customer reviews.

Understand your customers

Utilize feedback to improve experiences

Helpdesk software is essential to providing unrivaled support experiences, but you need to know your customers have positive experiences with your brand.

Tracking your online reputation on review sites helps you understand what your customers think so you can manage and respond to their feedback.

Trustpilot Helpdesk Integration

Manage reviews in your helpdesk workflow

Our Trustpilot integration gives your team the tools to succeed. With an intuitive interface, agents can provide official responses to ensure customers know they are heard.

Google Business Reviews

Improve your business' online reviews

Connect your Google Business account and receive all customer reviews to Google for your organization in one centralized location.

Save yourself time with our automatic ticket creation while understanding the needs of your customers.

App Review Platform Management

Make managing reviews painless with our app review channels

Deskpro's app review platforms let you stay on top of reviews and interact with your app users. Helping you to update users and action their feedback as you iterate on your applications.

Apple App Store Review Management

Take control of App Store online reviews

Get customer feedback on your apps which feed directly into your all-in-one helpdesk platform.

Read positive or negative reviews to understand what your users appreciate and where improvements are needed.

Google Play Store

Take your customer feedback seriously

Connect your Google Play Store reviews to the helpdesk for stress-free review management and automatic ticket creation.

Agents can respond to users effortlessly with your review management system integrated into your helpdesk.