workflow management software

Maximize efficiency with agile software

Simplify digital collaboration with a visual and dynamic project management tool built into your help desk.

Maximize team efficiency
Keep your team focused on the tasks at hand with clear organization and project structure
Track your projects
Simple drag and drop functionality lets your easily visualize your teams' progress from start to finish
Reduce workflow bottlenecks
Set clear structure and deadlines that help the project make continuous progress
Simplify task ownership
Increase accountability with assignment to give agents personal responsibility for their tasks

Manage your workflow

Drive progress with visual workflow tracking

Kanban view helps you and your agents better visualize the different stages of a project. Display your cards in a board view to see the ongoing actions across your help desk.

Create clear increments to show progression from start to delivery; watching a task move further towards completion helps your agents to stay focused and motivated on finishing the tasks at hand.

Labels and properties
See additional information about a card from a glance; assigned agent, department, labels, urgency, last reply and more.
Reduce WIP limitations
Automate how your work in progress states are maintained; create timers or quantity limits to reduce project bottle necks.
Drag and drop
Move cards between columns with ease with the intuitive drag and drop functionality, or open the ticket and edit the properties.

Customize your projects

Create and manage project-specific boards

You have complete control over how your boards are displayed.

As your tasks and projects will vary greatly you are able to customize what each of the different columns are across your Kanban based on the various grouping options available; by status, by SLA, by department, by agent and many more.

Create sub-groups to add an even greater level of segmentation to how your projects are displayed.

Pain-free progress

Simplify your project management with productivity tools

Incorporate any number of the help desk's productivity boosting features to make managing your projects easy, incoming tasks can be automatically categorized into the relevant project board, status or grouping in the Kanban.

More than just a project management tool

With Deskpro, you have access to a complete multi-channel help desk software with in-built CRM and reporting capabilities as well as an intuitive agile project management tool.

Having all your different tools seamlessly integrated allows you to track and manage all your tickets and projects every step of the way, whilst reducing the need to switch between various software interfaces.

Multi-channel help desk

Manage all your channels of communication from one place. Your help desk enables your agents to work collaboratively across different channels with ease, by consolidating all your customer requests into one intuitive help desk interface.