Deskpro Horizon

Upgrade your Deskpro helpdesk to Horizon

Deskpro Horizon, the latest version of our product, is now available to be deployed On-Premise.

Upgrade your helpdesk to our re-imagined platform and gain access to the latest features Deskpro has created and the innovative On-Premise Controller.

Welcome to Deskpro Horizon

Deskpro Horizon is the next generation of Deskpro's On-Premise helpdesk software. It's the software you already know and trust, but with a fresh, faster, and more powerful interface plus a range of new and improved features; we are excited to introduce you to it.

Deskpro Horizon is also part of our commitment to On-Premise as a deployment model. While Cloud is a great model for a lot of our customers (and you can always migrate between the two), we have continued to invest heavily in our On-Premise model for customers using that deployment option. We are pleased to announce the On-Premise Controller, a drastically improved way of installing and managing your Deskpro On-Premise deployment.

The section below introduces you to some benefits of Deskpro Horizon over your current Deskpro deployment and the features and benefits of the On-Premise Controller. You then have a choice on how to upgrade to Deskpro Horizon, i) you can self-upgrade, ii) use our managed service to upgrade, or iii) if your needs have changed, you can migrate to our AWS-powered Cloud Solution.

The formal release of Deskpro Horizon On-Premise is only the start of the journey. Our development team at Deskpro has tripled in size over the last couple of years, so we are now able to release weekly updates to the software and have a range of exciting improvements coming over the next few months.

Our team is focused on making upgrading to Deskpro Horizon as simple as possible; we look forward to assisting in any way we can.

Your new Deskpro solution

Get to know Deskpro's new platform

Deskpro Horizon

Our re-imagined interface elevates the support experience for your team and end-users.

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On-Premise Controller

Manage your On-Premise instance with ease using our new sever management platform.

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Book one of our Horizon webinars

Come along to one of our Horizon webinars with a Deskpro Expert. The Upgrade Webinar covers your different options for moving to Horizon. And the Horizon Webinar will take you through the agent interface and outline the key changes your team need to be aware of.


Frequently asked questions

Check out the questions below to get answers to the most common questions about your On-Premise upgrade. Or if you still have queries, you can get in touch with our support team.

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