The future of On-Premise

Introducing the On-Premise Controller

Deskpro Horizon brings the latest in On-Premise innovation with the On-Premise Controller. We can't wait for you to access the new On-Premise management tool and experience stress-free server administration.

Deskpro Horizon

Get to know the new Deskpro platform

Our On-Premise platform has been re-imagined alongside Deskpro's product interface, providing a flexible and painless solution for help desk management that never compromises on power.

On-Premise Controller

Take a tour of the On-Premise Controller

Familiarize yourself with our brand new server management platform that's revolutionizing On-Premise deployments.

Why should you upgrade?

Deploy Horizon to access new features

The version of our software you are likely on if you want to upgrade to Horizon is Deskpro Legacy.

Legacy is no longer under active development. It will continue to receive essential security patches for future updates, but to get access to the newest features and improvements, you must deploy Deskpro Horizon.

New Features

A more useful and simple On-Premise management tool

Some improvements and features we have added to the On-Premise Controller to create an intuitive management process.

Automated Backups
Daily automatic backups let you restore your help desk to working order in the event of any issues.
Multi-Instance Deployment
You can easily manage all of your instances through one clear interface in the controller.
In-Product Notifications
We have added notifications in Deskpro to alert you to any problems with your deployment.
Server Monitoring
The OPC monitors your instances and will send email alerts if any problems are identified.
New Features
New features being developed for Deskpro On-Premise will only be available from Horizon.
Stay Updated
Horizon includes latest versions of PHP, ElasticSearch, and MySQL, which will be upgraded for you.
Easy to Customize
On-Premise is still as customizable as ever, but our new UI makes it even easier.
Security Improvements
We automatically install security updates and enforce HTTPS to keep your help desk secure.
One-Click Upgrades
Upgrade your instances in one click from the OPC, reducing the manual effort of updates.
SSL Generation
Generate an SSL Certificate with one click or bring your own certificate.
Control File Storage
Choose your file storage option, from filesystem options to S3-compatible APIs.

Simple Set Up

Deploy your help desk in minutes

We have made it simple to deploy your help desk from the OPC, you can spin up instances in minutes and get your help desk running.

The On-Premise Controller

Manage an On-Premise instance as easily as SaaS

The On-Premise Controller, or OPC, is our new method for deploying and managing Deskpro On-Premise. It provides an alternative management system for On-Premise deployments.

You're in control

Take control of On-Premise Management

You choose how your On-Premise instance is managed and who has access to the On-Premise Controller.

Automate routine tasks

Make management more efficient

We created simple automations for routine tasks to minimize repetitive administrative processes.

Take a test run

Import a test instance to trial the new UI

Once you've installed the OPC, you can manage all upgrades from there, so you won't have to worry about deploying another version of Deskpro.

Take a test run
Import a test instance while still running your legacy help desk to test the UI and importing process.
An easy upgrade process
Once you have deployed Horizon, the upgrade processes via the OPC are very simple to manage.
Here to help
Our technical support team is on hand to help at any stage, and we also offer remote support.

Are you ready to upgrade to Deskpro Horizon?

Get started with deploying Deskpro Horizon for your On-Premise account today.