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Introducing the next generation of Deskpro


The whole team at Deskpro is very pleased to announce the next version of Deskpro, Deskpro Horizon.

Horizon is Deskpro's next generation product - building on 20 years of innovation in helpdesk software. Our re-architected platform has re-imagined the wide range of Deskpro's features with thousands of improvements covering design, usability, functionality, and speed.

For existing customers, the design of both Admin and Agent interfaces will feel new and fresh, but the core Deskpro concepts you know and love will be familiar with existing functionality fully retained.

Horizon continues Deskpro's journey to be a full platform solution for customer communication across every channel. Chat, Voice, Email, and Forms can all now be part of the same ticket with your customer enabling seamless handover across channels; with social channels due to launch early next year.

For cloud customers, Horizon sits atop a cloud platform that has been upgraded to increase speed, and security and scaled our ability to deploy new features. For On-Premise we are proud to launch our new On-Premise Controller solution to make managing an On-Premise deployment of Deskpro easier than ever.

With Horizon we have launched this new website, new Guides, and new Help Center content. Our previous website will continue to be available at https://2020.deskpro.com. During this transition period, please do let us know if you find anything that needs updating.

Deskpro Horizon is available now for trial or for new deployments. For existing customers (both Cloud and On-Premise) - upgrades will be available in early January. Previous versions of Deskpro continue to be supported.

We are excited to share our work with you. Horizon is the result of tens of thousands of pieces of customer feedback and is only the first step of what we are looking forward to sharing. We have a very busy 2022 planned and look forward to serving you into next year and beyond.


Chris Padfield, CEO

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