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Let us upgrade you effortlessly

Let our team of experts handle your On-Premise upgrade and get your Deskpro Horizon helpdesk up and running in no time.

Take the effort out of your upgrade and get back to support quickly.

Which managed upgrade do you require?

We want to get you upgraded to Deskpro Horizon as quickly as possible. For simple deployments of Deskpro we offer a fixed price upgrade process. For more complicated setups we offer an hourly consultancy-based approach. Please pick the best option for your needs.

Simple: Fixed Price

Our simple migration is appropriate if you have a simple single-node environment.

  • Single server deployment (on a server or VM)
  • Direct remote server access from our infrastructure
  • You've upgraded to the latest version of Deskpro Legacy
  • Max instance (database + attachments) < 100 GB

Advanced: Hourly Rate

If you have a more complex setup this can be more advanced to upgrade to Horizon.

  • Multi Server environment
  • External database or elasticsearch servers
  • Large Instance (database + attachments) >100 GB
  • Not latest version of Deskpro Legacy
  • Custom apps
  • Need technical consultancy
  • Specific security requirements or process

Simple managed upgrade

Let Deskpro's Technical Support team handle your migration to Deskpro Horizon. Once you've purchased your upgrade, our team will be in touch and walk you through the process to make upgrading to Horizon as painless as possible.

Here's how the managed upgrade process will go:

1. Make Payment

There are 2 payment buttons below based on the time for the upgrade.

Choose between our in-hours or out-of-hours services to arrange your upgrade at a time that suits you best.‎ ‎(Please note, this is based on UTC (United Kingdom) time zone; so you may well be able to arrange out-of-hours for your timezone within in-hours pricing).

2. Information Request & Book a Call

You will be sent a brief form requesting some information our technical team will need to complete the upgrade, as well as a link to book a kick off call.

3. Kick-off call

One of our Technical Support Engineers will confirm the information you have provided on the form, talk through any questions you might have and book your actual upgrade.

We will also introduce you to the On-Premise Controller and how to manage your instance beyond the upgrade.

4. (Optional) test upgrade

You can add a test upgrade to your managed upgrade, where our Engineers will run a trial upgrade onto a test instance for you to evaluate. This will not impact your live instance; it creates a duplicate instance you can test with.

A test upgrade requires additional time for our team, so there is an additional charge; you can add the option (bottom left) in the checkout process. (All test upgrades are done during UK working hours)

5. Upgrading your instance

At the agreed time, our technical team will upgrade your instance to Horizon and go through a checklist to ensure everything is working as expected. Your team can get back to work.

6. Customer Success Call

Following the upgrade, our customer success team will check in to ensure everything runs smoothly in your upgraded instance and that you're happy in your new Horizon environment.

Advanced managed upgrade

Some Deskpro deployments won't fit into our affordable managed upgrade plans; instead, we offer an upgrade service billed on an hourly basis of consultancy delivered by our experienced team.

This service is designed for those with specific needs, e.g. a HA or multi-server deployment, very large databases, specific testing/time requirements, specific security needs, a requirement for custom apps to be rebuilt, not using the latest version of Deskpro Legacy or any other process/workflow you may require that fits outside our simple model.

To enquire about this service, please book a call with our team to discuss your requirements.

Discuss your Advanced Upgrade Scope

Do you still have questions?

If you have an queries surrounding your On-Premise setup, or which managed upgrade your instance requires you can get in touch with our team.