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The Deskpro Digest: November 2023

David Anjonrin-Ohu
Product Manager

We're back with the November issue of our helpdesk newsletter, keeping you updated with all the latest developments at Deskpro.

This edition is packed full of exciting updates to our platform. With three new time-tracking apps and a brand-new feature that standardizes your support processes, managing your workload with Deskpro has become even more efficient.

November in Numbers

In November, our development team pushed over 100 updates of features, polish, and bug fixes to product.

✨ Product Spotlight ✨

Introducing our newest feature, Ticket Templates, for more streamlined support processes. The power of Ticket Templates comes from supplying agents with outlined tickets, eliminating the need for them to compose a new message each time. Agents quickly complete any required fields in the template to create tickets in just a few clicks.

Build an unbeatable blueprint for support

Configure unlimited templates for your teams, decreasing the number of steps involved in manual ticket creation, reducing the risk of human error, and freeing your team up to concentrate on problem-solving.

Cover all your core processes with pre-defined fields that include Ticket Message, Brand, Department, Status, User, Language, Labels, Custom Fields, Assignment, and more.

Learn about Ticket Templates

Manage Facebook comments

Previously, our Facebook channel was limited to managing DMs received by your page.

Now, comments left on posts convert into tickets in Deskpro for seamless management!

Check it out

Direct access with Ticket Refs

You can now easily share direct links to tickets with colleagues by using Reference Codes in URLs for faster navigation, which works in addition to using Ticket IDs to send ticket links.

Smarter Snippet & Macro menus

Your Snippet and Macro menus will remember the last category you viewed when next opened.

Saving you clicks and simplifying your workflow if you typically work from one category.

Learn about Deskpro's Automation tools

We've added the option to apply hyperlinks to inline images in tickets.

Select the image in the reply box, click the URL symbol in the formatting tools, and attach the link.

Insert Snippets on Mobile

While you could apply Snippets via shortcode, we have also added the "Insert Snippet" button on the iOS and Android apps to let you search your Snippets and give more flexibility.

All about Snippets

Even more updates and improvements 🚀

  1. Enhanced Help Center Search: Help Center content can now be found by searching for the items ID in the Help Center search bar.
  2. Merging Community Topics is easier: We've added searching against Topic Titles, making it easier to find and merge the correct Community Topics.
  3. Import Organization Domains: Simplify populating organizations as our CSV importer now supports Organization domains as an import property.
  4. Searchable create app menu: You can now search for Agents by name to select who has permission for your apps.
  5. Updated the Everyone Usergroups Permissions: Guest users cannot comment on Help Center content. The permission update limits this to registered users.

You can check out more details and read about all the features and improvements now available on Deskpro from our changelog.

Deskpro's latest Apps & Integrations

In November, we dropped three new time-tracking apps Toggl, Harvest, and Clockify, which help your team effortlessly monitor and track time by creating and handling time logs straight from Deskpro.

  1. Monitor and track time with Toggl: Save time and money with Toggl's flexible time-tracking app that fits into any workflow.
  2. Harvest helps you track and manage team time: Give your team direct access to Harvest's time-tracking features without leaving the helpdesk.
  3. Track productivity and billable hours free with Clockify: Leverage the power of Clockify's time tracker directly from Deskpro.

To get started with one of these new apps, navigate to Admin > Apps & Integrations > Apps, open the Available tab, select the app you want to install, and follow the setup instructions.

As the year draws to a close, we want to extend a warm thank you for your continued support and being a part of our journey. Be sure to keep an eye out for our communications, as we will be reaching out before the end of the year with more updates and exciting news for 2024.

Last updated • December 7, 2023