Custom Ticket Templates

Automate every process with Ticket Templates

Boost agent productivity, reduce human error, and speed up ticket creation with Ticket Templates.

Apply a template in two clicks with any number of fields pre-defined with the necessary information.

Boost team efficiency
Work faster and serve customers better with templates for every procedure available in two clicks.
Improve accuracy
Pre-filled fields and required steps mean agents never miss a step when completing a ticket template.
Make your own
Create an unlimited number of custom ticket templates that serve every use case your team needs.
Team templates
Permissions ensure teams can only see templates relevant to their role and processes to reduce confusion.

Build an unbeatable blueprint for support

Reduce the time your support team spends creating tickets and leave more time for solving customer inquiries.

Automation is our favorite feature hands down. Anything we can do to help lighten the load helps, we’ve dug into the automation pretty heavily in our Cloud platform. It is probably our most used feature.
Brian Thomason IT Systems Engineer

Unlimited configurations

Set the standard for your support team

Enhance templates by pre-filling fields to minimize the number of steps while allowing agents the flexibility to modify information as needed.

Streamline your support
Optimize templates with pre-filled fields to effectively streamline the process and speed up communication.
Team-specific templates
Create unlimited templates for each of your departments and teams so agents have a library of useful roles-specific templates.
Support flexibility
Give agents the power to modify and fine-tune information, ensuring your templates adapt to a variety of scenarios.
Exceed expectations
Foster a happier and more loyal customer base with support teams that operate seamlessly.

Create templates for every team and process

You can build out unlimited custom ticket templates for all your teams and different uses, whether internal or external, to boost global help desk productivity.

Holiday Request
Create a set holiday request procedure to ensure employees fill out all the necessary steps first time to make approvals smoother.
New Hire
Template out your onboarding steps to make sure everything is prepared for a new starter and nothing gets missed.
HR Complaint
Help your HR Team respond to serious submissions correctly the first time by arming them with the data they need.
Equipment Request
Ensure your IT team and technicians can work effectively by providing them with the specifics they need as soon as a request is made.
Refund Request
Help your support team follow each stage of a refund accurately to ensure timely resolution and repayment for your customers.
Faulty Item
Provide your team with all the information they need about stock issues and never miss the essential details.
Arrange Maintenance
Help your Facilities Team work more efficiently with a step by step workflow when requesting maintenance for your premises.
Custom Quotes
Help Sales teams provide quotes and payment orders in a flash with a step by step process for those custom orders.
The software is very intuitive and easy to get to grips with. The automated processes, such as ticket prioritization and sending out custom email templates, have made us much more efficient on the support desk.
Anthony Evans Support Analyst