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The Deskpro Digest: February 2024

David Anjonrin-Ohu
Product Manager

Welcome to your fresh dose of Deskpro! Our dedicated team has been diligently working to enhance your experience.

This month, we've rolled out updates to help you better organize the Help Center and Community in our helpdesk, refined our searching capabilities, and introduced improvements to our interface.

Let's take a journey through the highlights from this month at Deskpro 🚀

February in Numbers

In February, our development team proudly rolled out 24 new features and enhancements, taking our helpdesk platform to the next level.

Let's dive into the details below!

✨ Product Spotlight ✨

February marked the debut of our Lists feature in Deskpro's Help Center and Community, designed to revolutionize how you manage and filter helpdesk items.

This game-changing update empowers you to fully customize and control your Help Center items, without the need for any coding.

Elevate your Knowledge Management

But it's not just about improved visibility; it's about empowering you to review and update documentation. With Lists, you get unmatched flexibility to stay ahead in communicating updates to users via your Help Center and Community!

Boost Facebook Engagement

We've enhanced our Facebook ticketing feature, allowing agents to respond privately to public posts and comments on your page.

Experience a new level of flexibility in your interactions!

Enhanced WhatsApp Ticketing

Deskpro's direct WhatsApp integration has been enhanced with media messages (images, gifs, videos, etc) that will display inline in Deskpro WhatsApp tickets.

Easy Access to Archived Tickets

We've enabled admins to search for archived tickets within the helpdesk, making it easier for agents to retrieve archived tickets through Global and Ticket Search.

Efficient access to Org Profiles

We've redesigned and improved the functionality of the Ticket Property's Organization field. Now, open or close a profile in the CRM panel by simply clicking on the field, just like User Profiles.

Hover over URLs saved on User and Organization Profiles and click the new option that opens the associated website in a new tab. So you can get the context you need with a click!

Filter Global Search against specific helpdesk items, like Tickets or Users, for the most relevant results.

Now, only ID matches for those specific items will be displayed at the top of the search app.

Greater Agent Profile Security

When editing or adding email addresses, agents need to confirm their identity through password verification and email validation. This adds an extra layer of security to protect against unauthorized changes.

Other improvements we shipped in February

  • Added Ticket Triggers for our social and review channels so agents can get notifications for WhatsApp, SMS, Twitter (X), Trustpilot, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Improved permissions so only Admins can update agent contact information from the CRM
  • Added a new API Endpoint to support GET requests for all ticket logs.
  • Make updates to your helpdesk Favicon reflect instantly
  • Improved visibility for Users' permissions that are inherited from their Organization for added clarity.
  • Added two filters to CRM Lists (Disabled and Auto-Responder).
  • In Admin, these fields will display their IDs to increase clarity: select, checkbox, and radio button fields.

The latest features, enhancements, and tools are primed and ready for you to explore in the latest Deskpro version.

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Last updated • March 7, 2024