Better email, together with a ticketing system

Effortlessly manage every support email within a single ticketing system

Support tickets are created in Deskpro when a user contacts your organization through any of your channels connected to the helpdesk. These include email, chat, phone, or social.

Customers can submit tickets using a simple web form featured on your customizable helpdesk portal. Deskpro comes complete with powerful custom fields, allowing you to capture the specific information you want displayed on tickets, user profiles, organizations and live chats.

A seriously tidy team inbox

Understand exactly what you need to tackle next, with just a simple glance at your ticketing system.

  • Shared Inbox Eliminate task confusion and promote agent accountability.
  • Connected Support Resolve issues faster with team-wide communication and collaboration.
  • Customer Knowledge Access entire message history and capture unique customer information.
  • Email That’s Easy Clear tickets efficiently and effectively with automation tools.
  • Everything in One Place Promote visibility by automatically turning support emails into tickets, and display them within a simple interface.
  • Agent Ownership Automatically highlight the tickets that are awaiting attention with a simple ticket status system.
  • Highly Organized Filter, group, sort and label every ticket to organize your inbox, and see which customers need your attention next.
  • Sophisticated Search Find any ticket with our powerful global search tool, so no critical information ever goes unfound.

A ticketing system that’s totally painless

Take the headache out of ticketing software with convenient time-saving features

  • Snippets Craft the perfect response in just two clicks with Snippets. Allow agents to insert common responses almost instantly.
  • Macros Simply automate your common helpdesk processes with macros, which automatically carry out a series of predefined actions.
  • Mass actions Edit or reply to dozens of tickets simultaneously with mass actions.

Never forget to follow up

Prompt agent activity, automate individual ticket actions, and set up reminders regarding important issues.

Allow agents to set up convenient automations and reminders for almost any helpdesk situation - right from within a ticket.

Supercharge your ticketing system

Arm agents with powerful automation tools to increase the efficiency, quality and consistency of your support

Complete Control

Editable triggers and templates control basic helpdesk processes.

Powerful triggers

Set tickets to trigger dozens of different actions after almost any helpdesk event.

Set SLAs

Track and automate actions in line with your helpdesk response time standards using SLAs.

Smart escalation

Run actions based on the time a ticket has spent in a certain state with escalations.

Urgent Matters

Automated rules work together to increase or decrease a ticket urgency.

Webhook actions

Extend the capability of your helpdesk with webhook actions

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