Better email, together

Effortlessly manage every support email within a single interface

Why Deskpro?

Shared Inbox

Eliminate task confusion and promote agent accountability

Connected Support

Resolve issues faster with team-wide communication and collaboration

Customer Knowledge

Access entire message history and capture unique customer information

Email That’s Easy

Clear tickets efficiently and effectively with automation tools

Smarter ticketing

Support tickets are created in Deskpro when a user contacts your organization through any of your channels connected to the helpdesk. These include email, chat, phone, or social.

Customers can also submit tickets using a simple web form featured on your customizable helpdesk portal.

Deskpro comes complete with powerful custom fields, allowing you to capture the specific information you want displayed on tickets, user profiles, organizations and live chats.

A seriously tidy team inbox

Everything in one place

Don’t let anything slip through the cracks. Deskpro promotes visibility by automatically turning support emails into tickets, and displays them within a simple interface.

Agent ownership

Give your agents the tools they need to own and resolve customer issues. Deskpro’s simple status system highlights the tickets that are awaiting attention.

What matters most

Understand what’s truly important to your team. Filter, group, sort and label every ticket to organize your inbox perfectly, or see which customers need your attention next. You can even organize tickets based on custom field data.

Sophisticated search

Can’t find that important email from a few weeks ago? Deskpro features a powerful global search tool, so no critical information ever goes unfound.

Striving toward a common goal

Seamless collaboration

Things are better when teams work together. Invite agents into tickets, or route tickets to other departments when you need resolve trickier issues.

Open communication

A little more information can go a long way. Deskpro features internal notes and Instant Messaging so agents can instantly communicate, coordinate their efforts, and share valuable context.

Clear accountability

Leave no room for guesswork. Assign tickets to specific agents and departments for resolution; either manually, or automatically with ‘Round Robin’ distribution.

Too many cooks

Avoid duplicating your efforts. Agents can see when a colleague is drafting a response in real-time, or can lock tickets to prevent others editing their reply.

Always in-the-know

Know your customer

Keep your agents armed with critical customer knowledge. Each ticket reveals exactly what agents need to know to solve the issue. Including previous tickets, interactions, notes, and any information captured via custom fields.

Who's who?

Provide entire organizations with consistent and quality support. Automatically group users by organization based on email domain, and assign specific agents or teams to handle their tickets.

Critical information

Get the information that’s most pertinent to your team. Deskpro captures and displays unique custom fields based on organization or the individual user.

Big picture

Stop wasting time searching for old emails or interactions. Explore entire user message history across every channel, or easily access a user’s CRM profile for extra insight.

Making email painless

Quick answers

Craft the perfect response in just two clicks. Deskpro takes the tedium out of typing responses with Snippets; a feature which allows agents to insert common responses almost instantly.

Don't sweat the small stuff

Simply automate your common helpdesk processes with macros, which automatically carry out a series of predefined actions.

Multiple tickets, one response

Support inboxes are often filled to the brim with tickets of a similar nature. Edit or reply to dozens of tickets simultaneously with mass actions.

Supercharge your helpdesk

Complete control

Deskpro works exactly how you want it to. Editable triggers and templates control basic helpdesk processes; like sending emails, escalating tickets, and assigning tasks to departments. Simply tell Deskpro what you want to happen, and when.

Powerful triggers

With Deskpro it's easy to automate your helpdesk. Set tickets to trigger dozens of different alerts and actions after specific events, and define criteria that ensure specific triggers apply only to certain tickets.

Setting the standard

Ensure your Service Level Agreements are always met or exceeded. Deskpro's SLAs track your helpdesk response time standards. Set custom goals for ticket response times, track total user waiting time, or limit SLAs to specific users only.

Savvy support

Smart ticket escalation

Never leave your customers in the dark again. Escalations run actions based on the time a ticket has spent in a certain state. Automatically increase ticket urgency, assign tickets to different teams, or send a follow-up to ensure the customer's issue has been resolved.

Immediate attention

Make sure your team's priorities are in order. Automated rules work together to increase or decrease a ticket urgency, allowing you to balance competing priorities to produce a clear, integrated urgency score which shows agents which tickets to handle next.

Beyond the helpdesk

Extend the capability of Deskpro with webhook actions. Trigger actions in web apps that respond to HTTP requests. You can also use JIRA integration to create triggers that respond to JIRA events, or send comments to JIRA.

There's more

Actionable data

Understand team performance and customer behaviour. Run custom or out-of-the-box reports to reveal key insights.

The anywhere helpdesk

Deskpro features free native apps for iOS and Android, allowing you to resolve customer issues from almost anywhere.

Serious about security

Deskpro operates using bank-level security practices, and relies on leading third-party threat protection.

Internationally speaking

Provide your international customers with support using Deskpro’s built-in Microsoft Translator.