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Customize your helpdesk to work the way you need

Unlike simplistic, one-size-fits-all ticketing solutions, DeskPRO is flexible. Your helpdesk can adapt to fit your business processes, instead of the other way around.

Capture your support process

Define your own categories, priorities, workflows and products to help sort and filter tickets and other helpdesk content, and capture the way you work.

Powerful custom fields

Add completely custom fields to store the information you need on tickets, users, organizations and chats.

Choose from 11 field types to store all kinds of information, from simple text to multiple choice to date and time.

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Manual Categories Manual Priorities Manual Workflows Manual Products Manual Custom fields

Get information about the customer, not just the problem

Add user fields to your ticket forms. Need a customer's account number or zip code before you can solve their problem? Collect it when they submit a ticket, and store it right on the user profile.

The right information at the right time

Don't clutter up the interface by showing users or agents irrelevant fields. You can make fields agent- or user-only, or set even more fine-grained rules so that users only see the field when it's required.

Different ticket forms for different departments

A sales inquiry needs different information from a bug report. With custom form layouts, you can create the right form for each department.

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Manual Ticket form layouts

Multiple choices that are different for each user

A per-user field enables you to offer a multiple choice with a different set of values for each user.

Per-organization fields are ideal for information you need to track where the values will differ between client organizations, like "server" or "building".

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Manual Per-user fields

The customizability of DeskPRO is far beyond any of the alternative helpdesk systems we looked at, and the customizations are easy enough for a non-technical person to make. We regularly customize categories, workflows and custom fields in a way that lets us track which products, and types of incidents, are generating the most tickets, and we use that information to build our knowledgebase, quick replies and ultimately our product development priorities.

Dawn Messerly, Quality Assurance & Technical Support Manager

Welcome users with a custom portal

Configure your portal to reflect your brand and meet the needs of your users.

Easy branding with the portal editor

Change the portal colors, logos and text to match your brand, so your users know that it's an official source of help and support.

Use what you need

You can re-order the portal tabs, and turn off the ones you don't want. You can disable the whole portal, or allow access only to particular usergroups.

Fully editable

Need your portal to look just like it's part of your website? Want to radically change the layout of a section? With some web design know-how, you can completely redesign your portal by editing the templates that power it.

Track your products

Use the built-in product field to record which tickets and articles relate to which of the products you support. Use Reports to track which product generates the most tickets.

Use field validation to get the right input

Set sophisticated validation rules for custom text fields using regular expressions, so you can ensure users enter important information like account numbers is in the right format.

Customize the interface with widgets

Need to display extra information within the agent interface? You can add custom widgets with some simple Javascript/HTML programming.

Time log & billing

Need to track your agent time on each ticket, or bill users for support? Record time or an amount of your currency of choice on each of your tickets.