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The Shopify helpdesk integration is now available on Deskpro.



Our Zapier integration is now live. To access it, you will need to search within Zapier for Deskpro to connect your account to over 750 other software applications.

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With our Zapier helpdesk integration for Deskpro, it's easy to automate tedious tasks, saving you time and removing potential mistakes that might be made using manual workflows.

Time-saving automations: The Zapier helpdesk integration is less about agents having visibility to data from other software on Deskpro. It is focussed on providing time-saving automations, many of which run in the background, to perform actions and ensure your data is in the right place.

No coding needed: Automate complicated workflows by linking different software tools together, and setting up far-reaching triggers and actions to run when an event occurs in other apps, tools, or software. Triggers and actions include creating and updating tickets, users and organizations.

A list of the available Triggers, Searches and Actions from the Shopify integration are available below:


  • New Product
  • New Abandoned Cart
  • New Customer
  • New Paid Order
  • Updated Order
  • New Cancelled Order
  • New Order
  • New Order (Any Status)
  • New Blog Entry


  • Find Product by Title
  • Find Customer
  • Find Product Variant by Title


  • Create Customer
  • Update Customer
  • Create Product Variant
  • Update Product Variant
  • Create Product
  • Create Blog Entry
  • Create Order
  • Update Product

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