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Deskpro has its own in-built CRM which you can set and arrange your end users into organizations, allow them to register for your helpdesk and keep track of their customer support account activity.



Our Zapier integration is now live. To access it, you will need to search within Zapier for Deskpro to connect your account to over 750 other software applications.

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Pipedrive is a popular sales CRM and pipeline management system for tracking leads from prospects to customers. It is often used by sales teams to manage leads and prospects along the whole sales pipeline.

The Pipedrive helpdesk integration with Deskpro allows you to keep your customer support and sales teams on the same page. This is key to closing leads and providing the best level support to potential new customers and current customers.

The Pipedrive helpdesk integration with Deskpro can be accessed through Zapier. A list of the available Triggers, Searches and Actions from the Pipedrive integration are available below:


  • Organization Matching Filter
  • New Deal
  • Person Matching Filter
  • Deal Matching Filter
  • New Organization
  • Updated Deal
  • New Person
  • Updated Person
  • New Note
  • Updated Organization
  • Activity Matching Filter
  • New Activity


  • Find Organization
  • Find Product
  • Find User
  • Find Deal
  • Find Person


  • Update Person
  • Create Person
  • Attach File
  • Create Note
  • Create Deal
  • Update Organization
  • Create Organization
  • Update Deal
  • Add Follower
  • Add Product to Deal
  • Create Product
  • Create Activity

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