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True single sign-on with OneLogin identity management on your helpdesk.



This app is bundled with Deskpro. To install it:
• Go to your Admin Interface
• Navigate to Agents
• Navigate to Auth & SSO
• Click on Add +
• Select OneLogin
• Click Install

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Let agents and users authenticate with a single login using the OneLogin helpdesk integration for Deskpro.

With our OneLogin helpdesk integration, managing accounts is easier. Don't waste time with a different set of credentials for each service you use.

Flexible setup: Deskpro's flexible authentication system can cover any account management scenario. You can use OneLogin for agents only, or both agents and users.

Your choice: Make OneLogin an absolute requirement for access, or offer it alongside the standard Deskpro accounts or any of 20+ alternative authentication systems.

True Single Sign-On: With Deskpro's SSO support enabled, once you're signed in to OneLogin, you're signed in automatically to the helpdesk, with no need to even see a login screen.

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