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Microsoft Translator Integration

Provide truly global support from your helpdesk with language assistance from Microsoft Translator.


Microsoft Translator Integration

This app is bundled with Deskpro. To install it:
• Go to your Admin Interface
• Navigate to Agents
• Navigate to Auth & SSO
• Click on Add +
• Select Microsoft Translator Integration
• Click Install

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Help agents handle unfamiliar languages with the Microsoft Translator helpdesk integration for Deskpro. Automatic translation allows you to provide fast, multi-language support to any of your customers across the globe.

With our Microsoft Translator helpdesk integration, your team can easily cover the gaps in language and handle support issues coming from almost anywhere.

Translate ticket content: Understand incoming tickets in languages you don't speak. Distinguish a spam message from a sales inquiry.

Translate to or from 40+ languages: Microsoft Translator understands a huge range of languages: from Arabic to Vietnamese.

Almost fluent: The Microsoft Translator integration allows your agents to send replies in the user's language.

Reply translation: Agents can write a ticket reply in a supported language, and translate it before sending. Machine translation isn't a substitute for an agent who speaks the language, but it's an invaluable tool.

Easy set up: Setting up translation takes only a couple of minutes. Just sign up for the Microsoft Translator API, then install our app.

No extra fee: We don't charge you extra to use the Microsoft Translator app, or limit it to a premium price plan.

Free subscription: Translate up to 2 million characters per month with a free Microsoft Translator API subscription.

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