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Make conversations with your users more personable by using profile images.



This app is bundled with Deskpro. To install it:
• Go to your Admin Interface
• Navigate to Agents
• Navigate to Auth & SSO
• Click on Add +
• Select Gravatar
• Click Install

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Automatically display profile images for for users and agents with the Gravatar helpdesk integration for Deskpro. Ensure your teams can always put a face to a name.

With our Gravatar helpdesk integration, It’s easy for agents and customers to see each other’s profile images - allowing for highly personable interactions.

The personal touch: Associating an image with each user makes it easier for agents to remember their previous interactions and provide a more personal touch.

Customized profiles: Deskpro can take agent images from Gravatar, or your agents can upload images to their agent profile.

A friendly face: Users see the images of your agents when they log in to the portal.

Worldwide support: Millions of people have a Gravatar image linked to their email address, through using popular services like WordPress and Disqus.

Team photos: Deskpro shows user Gravatars in the agent interface, so your agents see the picture each customer has chosen to represent them.

Faces everywhere: Gravatar images aren't just shown on the user profile, but on the ticket list.

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