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Add reliable SMS to improve ticket workflow on your helpdesk.



This app is bundled with Deskpro. To install it:
• Go to your Admin Interface
• Navigate to Agents
• Navigate to Auth & SSO
• Click on Add +
• Select Clickatell
• Click Install

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Send automatic SMS with the Clickatell helpdesk integration for Deskpro. Benefit from simple and easy SMS alerts to keep your teams in-the-know on urgent issues.

With our Clickatell helpdesk integration, sending automatic SMS alerts to agents is as easy as pie.

Reliable messaging: Even in low-signal areas, let agents know about urgent tickets, wherever they are.

Works with Deskpro automation: Define when alerts get sent with Deskpro's triggers, SLAs and escalations.

Appropriate alerts: You can set precise conditions so alerts are only sent when and where they're needed.

Multiple sending options: Take into account ticket properties and helpdesk working hours. Text an individual agent or a whole team.

Included for everyone: We don't nickel and dime you by charging extra to use our SMS integration. You just need to pay for the third-party Clickatell account.

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