Have more human conversations

Engage with your customers in real-time with live chat

Why Deskpro?

Outstanding Experience

Exceed expectations with swift responses and effective resolutions

Full-featured Chat

Empower your teams to perform with full-featured live chat

Team-wide Collaboration

Promote teamwork to improve productivity and engagement

Complete Control

Customize live chat to suit your organization

A personal touch

Live chat establishes meaningful relationships with customers who need a helping hand. It's a quick and easy way to assist your customers in-the-moment; making life easier for everyone involved.

Deskpro features a fully-integrated chat system with way more functionality than leading standalone chat solutions.

Champion the customer experience

Lightning-fast resolution

There's a very thin line between a great customer interaction and a poor one. Live Chat allows you to resolve customer issues at speed; keeping your customers happy and ready to spend.

Superhero support

Being able to converse with customers means agents get to the bottom of simple queries in no time. Live chat increases the productivity and engagement of your teams.

Responsive agents

Never miss a customer query. Chat alerts reveal who wants to chat and why. Audio alerts notify agents whenever there's a new message or chat request.

Reach out

Some people can be a little shy. Initiate chats with current and potential customers using our easy-to-install chat widget on your website.

Empower your agents

Invaluable context

Enable your teams to quickly respond to any chat with full and detailed knowledge of each customer issue. With Deskpro's fully-integrated live chat, agents can easily view user history, previous tickets and search full chat transcripts.


Some issues can't be resolved during a quick chat session. Create new tickets complete with a full chat transcript in a single click.

Swift responses

Equip your agents with the tools they need to resolve issues efficiently. Share knowledgebase articles in chat, or use snippets to insert common responses that are easily personalised.

Extra insight

With a little extra context, it's easy to pre-empt and resolve customer queries. See which web page your customer is browsing during chat, and preview the messages they're typing in real-time.

Get things done together

Keep chat covered

No one wants to chat alone. With Deskpro you can always see how many agents are available to chat, and how many customers are submitting chat requests. All it takes is a quick glance to see if you have enough hands on deck.

Right chat, right agent

Make sure customers are matched with expert agents who can handle their query best. Reveal the nature of customer requests with chat departments, and assign chats to the right people on your team.

Collabortive chat

Two heads are better than one. Invite other agents into active chats, and solve customer issues on the double.

Flexible permissions

Determine what agents can do in chat using agent permissions, permission group settings, and chat department settings. Agents only see chats that you allow them to.

Call the shots

Not too chatty

Decide which customers can access live chat on your website. Create usergroups to segment customers, and determine which ones you want to be able to access live chat.

User blocking

Don't put up with individuals who abuse the chat function. Block users and ban IP addresses from accessing live chat on your site.

Don't even ask

Agents are at their best when they've got all the information they need up front. Add custom chat fields to elicit critical information from users prior to the session, so agents don't have to waste time covering the basics.

Familiar formatting

Communicate like a digital native. Send and receive files, use emojis, and take advantage of rich text formatting options to message like a millennial.

There's more

Easy integration

It's easy to add our chat widget to your site. Paste in a few lines of code and you're live. Offer chat on a few pages on your site, or all of them.

In-depth reporting

Understand team performance and customer behaviour. Run custom or out-of-the-box reports to reveal key insights.

Security in mind

Deskpro operates using bank-level security practices, and relies on leading third-party threat protection.