Have more human conversations

Live chat is a quick and easy way to assist your customers in-the-moment; making life easier for everyone involved. Reply faster, save time and solve more customer questions with a fully integrated live chat software.

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Get to the bottom of simple queries in no time and increase team productivity.

Initiate chats with current and potential customers through Messenger.

Analyze metrics and create custom reports to improve your live chat support.

See which webpage your customer is browsing and preview chats in real-time.


Stay true to helping in real-time

Ensure that every chat gets picked up by agents with alerts and sounds for incoming chats and messages. Reduce customer wait times and handle multiple chats at once by quickly jumping between conversations.

Work as a team to resolve issues faster

Certain situations call for different expertise. Easily involve other colleagues in your team by adding them to an ongoing conversation or transfer your customers directly to other teams.

Multi-agent chats

Two heads are better than one. Invite other agents into active chats, and solve customer issues on the double.


Agents can transfer chats directly to other agents with a couple of clicks. Helpful when only certain agents are able to handle specific issues.

message preview

Stay one step ahead of your customers

See what customers are typing in real-time before they press send. Your agents can find an answer whilst they type and reply faster. Identify a customer’s real mood by seeing what they delete, as well as what they send.

Rich messages

Let your agents walk the walk

The days of plain text chat are gone. Empower your agents and help them to bring personality to your brand, building friendly relationships with your customers and end-users.

Rich Messages

Give your agents the tools to create rich-text messages for higher impact and more engaging conversations with customers.

File Sharing

Share images, files and screenshots. Bringing context to chats quickly with 2-way file sharing between you and your customers.


Great for saving time, expressing emotions and adding some much needed dazzle to long text conversations.


Save time responding to recurring questions

Most agents dread having to answer the same old, time-consuming questions day after day. Agents using Snippets can send the perfect response to customers in mere seconds. Boost productivity, eliminate errors and delight customers.

Quick to use

Use simple keyboard shortcuts to bring up the Snippets interface, search for snippets, and select them with ease.

Eliminate errors

Standardized responses mean agents are less likely to make mistakes when typing replies to customers.

Create your own

Add to a growing library of responses. Create new snippets with rich content editing tools, and save drafts if you’re not quite done.

Our agents prefer Deskpro over other helpdesks because of the user-friendliness, clear interface, and technical flexibility. Snippets make up a good 80% of each message that is sent back to users. It’s greatly reduced response times and improved the user experience.

Nam Nguyen
Director of Customer Success, Launchpad
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out of hours

Receive messages out of hours

Even when your team aren't online, you can still receive messages from customers via the ticket form. So your agents can follow up tomorrow.

pro-active chat

Make the first move

Initiate chats with current and potential customers. Select the messages, as well as how and when you want to engage with visitors on your website.

Choose from a selection of proactive widget styles that meet your preferences


Full support in one clever chat widget

Deskpro Messenger lets you provide great support anywhere. Customers can access essential helpdesk features from a single, intuitive interface that you can embed wherever they need it the most.


Your most important support features are at the customer's fingertips at all times.

Quick Search

Allow your customers to search through Knowledgebase content by offering access to self-service content in Messenger.


Provide your customers with live real-time support, giving them instant answers to questions.

Contact Us

Ticket creation from right within the messenger tool lets your customers quickly reach out to you with their support requests and questions.

Branded Widget

Customize the whole look and feel of your Messenger widget. Pick colors, styles and themes that suit your brand and logo.

right chat, right agent

Connect customers with your agents

Deskpro gives you the tools to set up automatic chat routing. But it also gives you the flexibility to allow managers to manually override rules, if they need to.

Chat Queues

Agents can only handle a certain number of chats at one time. Queues keep customers updated and agents at optimum capacity.

Round Robin

Assign incoming chats evenly to your available agents; each new chat is assigned to the next agent in the queue, so the workload is balanced.

Least Utilized

Assign incoming chats to agents in the queue who have handled the fewest chats.


Any incoming chats will ring all agents in the chat department simultaneously. The first agent to manually accept will handle the chat.


Control access to chat support in conjunction with usergroups. Allow certain usergroups to access certain departments.

Chat Departments

Divide your agents into departments so that customer issues always land in the right hands. Create rules specific to departments.

Custom Forms

Ask your customers questions before they start their chat. Route them to the best department and helps your agents know exactly what their issue is before they start talking.

We’re always referring people to our Knowledgebase that contains over 500 articles. Customers love it that they can help themselves at any time, day or night and our agents love it because it reduces the number of tickets we receive.

Mike Wray
President, Mariner Software
14 day free trial
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chat tickets

Continue important conversations later

Some issues can't be resolved during a quick chat session. Deskpro registers chat conversations as tickets so it's easy to keep track of all your customers issues. Enabling your agents to continue conversations with your customers at a later date with all the context.

Chat Transcripts

Build trust by automatically sending customers a full chat transcript for future reference. Full chat also stored in helpdesk for agents to refer back to if needed.

customer information

Invaluable context

Deskpro's intuitive interface means that agents can handle chats more effectively and access customer context at their fingertips.

Customer History

Work seamlessly as a team and give agents the full previous history from customers. So any agent can understand any customer, instantly.

Tags / Labels

Tag and label customers or certain chats. So agent know when they talking to a VIP Customer or one with special requirements.


Insights to help your team improve

Understand team performance, customer behavior, and reveal key insights using in-built or custom reports and dashboards.

Explore Reporting


Custom Reports

Customer Satisfaction

As we started growing rapidly, I needed to get full control of our data. That meant looking for an on-premise helpdesk. Deskpro by far excelled over the other helpdesks we looked at.

Anthony Carter
Head of IT