Supercharge your helpdesk

Save time and reduce costs with intelligent helpdesk automation tools

Too many of today’s support teams still rely on highly-manual processes for managing tickets and tasks within their helpdesk. This means delays in resolutions, poor communication, frustrated staff, and unhappy customers.

Deskpro comes with an arsenal of time-saving automation features as standard, so your support operation can remain lean, efficient and most importantly - can spend more time focusing on creating happy customers.

Eliminate repetitive and routine tasks

Set tickets to automatically trigger dozens of actions after specific events

Categorize every ticket

Automatically categorize tickets and assign them to the right agent or department based on flexible criteria.

Keep agents informed

Assign followers and distribute notifications to agents who require visibility into certain ticket changes.

Keep users informed

Set up auto-replies and configure updates to make sure users are never left in the dark regarding the status of their issue.

Exceed customer expectations

Set up super-smart automations to bolster the quality of your support

Urgency scores

Set up automated rules work together to increase or decrease a ticket urgency. Produce a clear, integrated and automatic urgency score so agents understand exactly which tickets to handle next.

Service Level Agreements

Manage your helpdesk response time standards. Set custom goals for ticket response times and automatically prompt agents to act when SLAs are at risk of failure.


Configure global helpdesk rules. Increase ticket urgency, assign tickets to different teams, or send survey requests after tickets have spent a defined period of time in specific state.

Keep everyone the right track

Ensure issues are resolved quickly with intelligent routing for users and agents

Auto-assign tickets

Link email accounts to departments for automatic ticket assignment. Make sure agents aren’t overloaded by spreading workload using 'Round Robin' distribution.

Auto attendant

Deskpro Voice includes simple dialpad audio menus, allowing you to route users to the right department or agent before calls appear in the interface.

Save your team from helpdesk headaches

Arm agents with time-saving tools that completely transform the way they work

Follow Ups

Allow agents to configure intelligent automations that manage actions for almost any situation in the helpdesk - right from a simple ticket.


Create, manage, and use pre-defined responses in seconds when replying to customers over email or chat. Save hours of agent effort and guarantee the perfect response, every time.


Trigger complex sequences of actions in just a few clicks. Help agents work with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Automate the helpdesk, and beyond

Extend the helpdesk with dozens of built-in apps and integrations


Use the Zapier automation tool to connect all of your support applications together. Set up automations for events like new tickets, ticket updates, new people, and new organizations.

Apps & integrations

Our library of bespoke helpdesk apps and integrations means you can pull information from other apps with ease.

SMS alerts

Send automatic text messages with Deskpro SMS integrations. Benefit from simple and easy SMS alerts to keep your teams in-the-know on urgent issues.

Webhook actions

Create automatic triggers which respond to events within your helpdesk with webhook actions. By sending HTTP requests, your helpdesk can call any web API.