Approval workflow solution for efficient request management

Deskpro's approval workflow solution enables organizations to reduce administrative bottlenecks and streamline approval processes.

With transparent and trackable requests, agents can easily submit and manage requests, ensuring faster ticket resolution and improved customer satisfaction.

Optimize workflows
Streamline approvals with transparent ownership and smooth processes.
Efficient ticket resolution
Guarantee the right people can see what they need to approve and by when.
Keep customers happy
Faster approval processes mean faster ticket resolution for staff and customers.

Streamline your organization's workflow with approvals

Approvals in Deskpro allow your agents to create requests for customers or other agents. These will save your agents and management teams valuable time as clear and separate requests make it easy for approvers to see the exact information they need to decide whether to approve or reject a request.

1 Make a request

Agents can 'Make a request' in the approvals tab within the helpdesk.

They select a request template, from a dropdown menu of common approvals or create a custom approval, they can also select the specific approver required for the request and add any additional information.

2 Submit the request

Once an agent submits a request the approver will be notified that their approval is needed and the time frame which they need to respond within.

3 Approver actions

An approver can accept or reject an approval from directly on the ticket and they can leave a message to justify their response.

Or they can action the approval from the Help Center by following a vote link from their email notification.

4 Approval conclusion

Once the approver has accepted or rejected the request the agent who submitted it will be notified and can react accordingly.

Approval Status

Keep on top of all your requests

Agents can track the status of their approvals from the approval tab. They can view if the request has been approved or rejected, the deadline for a response, and any comments an approver makes to justify their approval or rejection.


Simplify approvals with in-built automations

Create macros that enable agents to submit a request as part of the pre-defined macro actions.

If your organization needs approval for every refund that passes through your helpdesk save agents' time by triggering an approval to be created through your refund macro and ensure that your processes run smoothly and efficiently.

Internal Support

Utilize approvals to fast track your internal support system

Approvals are useful for HR and IT departments as they enable team members to quickly approve or reject requests from staff members and keep track of all the requests that are made by members of their internal staff.

Find out about Deskpro's other features that benefit internal support teams

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