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Automate the grunt work so you can focus on the customer

On a busy helpdesk, your agents' time is precious. DeskPRO has powerful, easy-to-use automation features to handle routine tasks and enforce business rules, so your agents have more time to provide the human touch.


Use triggers to run dozens of automatic actions in response to events in the ticket life cycle.

Choose criteria to make triggers that only apply to certain tickets.

Take full control

The basic processes of the helpdesk - like sending automatic emails and assigning tickets to departments - are controlled by triggers and templates that you can edit.

You can make your helpdesk work exactly the way you want it.

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Manual Triggers

SLAs: meet your service goals

Service Level Agreements help you track your helpdesk's response time standards.

You can make an SLA for a simple goal like "respond to all tickets in 12 hours", or get more sophisticated: track total user waiting time, count only working hours, limit an SLA to certain users only, and much more.

Tickets that are close to failing or have failed are highlighted to your agents. You can set automatic actions to run on warning or failure and get the ticket back on track.

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Manual SLAs

Escalations: stop tickets getting stale

Use escalations to run actions based on the time a ticket has spent in a certain state.

If a ticket has taken too long to resolve, increase its urgency or assign to a different team. If the user takes too long to reply, send an automatic follow-up to check that the issue has been resolved.

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Manual Escalations

From an administrator’s perspective, the ability to set custom Service Level Agreements and triggers for certain customers is invaluable. This has ensured us that the level of service that we provide will always have the standards that we choose, rather than a preconceived set of markers to apply.

Mark Fisher, Contractor for the US Army Corp of Engineers

Multiple rules, one simple urgency score

Set several automated rules that work together to increase or decrease a ticket's urgency.

You can balance competing priorities to produce a clear, integrated urgency score which tells your agents which tickets to handle next.

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Manual Setting urgency automatically

Powerful but easy to use

When setting up triggers, escalations and SLAs, you simply tell DeskPRO what actions you want to happen and when.

There's no code to learn, and the system is so flexible that you can set up almost any automatic rule you need.

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Knowledge Base Automation examples and recipes

Actions outside the helpdesk

Using web hook actions, an event in DeskPRO can carry out an action in any web app that can respond to HTTP requests.

You can also use JIRA integration to create triggers that respond to JIRA events or send comments to JIRA.


Sometimes agents need to carry out the same series of actions over and over. Macros empower your agents to work more efficiently by letting them store a series of actions, then run them with a single click.

Round robins: hand out tickets evenly

Make sure each agent gets a fair share of the workload; set up automatic round robin distribution to hand out tickets evenly as they come in.

Automatic CRM rules

Assign users to the right organization or usergroup based on email address.

Combined with the powerful user permissions system, you can easily tailor the support you offer to each client organization.