Travel & Tourism

Support your clients every step of the way

Provide rapid support across the globe; without things getting lost in translation.

Deskpro helps these companies provide stress-free support

Gulf Air
Flexible Autos
Cairn Group
Vienna House
Air Miles
US Auto Sales
The agents working in the support team are now accountable for doing their jobs well, which has been a key business model change.
Chris Evans VP of IT Operations
We are a loyal customer of Deskpro and I’m always looking forward to new improvements.
Stefan Urdl Corporate Director of IT
The interface is so useful and easy to understand, Deskpro is one of the easiest help desk softwares I have used.
Darren Banfi Senior IT Security Analyst
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Give your customers something to write home about

Being able to solve any issues that arise for your global travelers is key. With Deskpro, managing all your customer support needs is entirely possible. Your customers can focus on relaxing and enjoy their vacation.

Your team can effortlessly manage support queries through a single, intuitive interface with efficiency and ease. And with jet-setting clientele the ability to provide localized content at the click of a button is essential.


Customer service that knocks down language barriers

Encountering language barriers can be commonplace when you're regularly dealing with a customer base of frequent fliers, with Deskpro, language constraints become a thing of the past.

Deskpro's language packs, available in 25+ languages, enable language preferences to be applied dynamically across both the Help Center and agent interface.

Microsoft Translator
Built-in Microsoft Translator app allows live cross-linguistic customer support.
Language availability is constantly evolving with crowdsourcing contributions adding to our library.
I can run reports for my team performance and I know that the tool is very rich. I love Deskpro.
Liliana Carou Customer Service Supervisor


Gauge customer satisfaction with rich analytics

Gain insights into how your travelers rate your service, create a statistical overview of the actions your agents undertake and feedback from customers; updating moments after they take place.

Highlight your organization's performance data with tailored dashboards that provide visual displays of your custom reports.

We have UK, EMEA and US routing and using triggers that allowed me to create custom filters for email addresses that distribute tickets across 4 support teams depending on the time of day, day of the week and type of enquiry.
Chris Evans VP of IT Operations


Optimize your workflow with time-saving tools

Equip your help desk with time-saving tools that eliminate ticket overloading by categorizing tickets and assigning them to specific agents or departments based on your admin settings.

Ticket Triggers

Have a smooth take off with intelligent actions

Ticket categorization
Self-regulate ticket management by creating ticket triggers and reduce customer wait times with automatic ticket distribution.
Keep customers informed about the status of tickets with preset automatic replies.
Time-saving features
Intelligent automation tools increase agent efficiency by saving time with shortcuts for common responses and tasks.


Canned responses save valuable agent time

Snippets are used as a shortcut for typing out common phrases by inserting canned response templates which autofill ticket information and customer details.

Agents can translate snippets to make international support easy and provide efficient and effective support for all your global clients.

Follow Ups

Ensure you've taken every action to resolve customer issues

Send out pre-written messages, notify a customer if they need to submit additional information or prompt agent action so tickets are resolved in a timely manner.

Agents can prompt more information from a customer, such as getting card details to secure a flight before the tickets sell out.

Macros & Mass Actions

Complete complex actions with the click of a button

Macros streamline common processes that agents undertake regularly, such as refund requests, by carrying out several predefined actions at the click of a button.

Mass actions let agents apply the same action to multiple tickets at once, send the same message to up to 50 individuals at a time to speed up mass messaging, such as cancellation information for customers on a particular flight.

I've never seen a ticketing system that is that so easy for the agents.
Stefan Urdl Corporate Director of IT

24/7 Self-service

Provide instant support for your customers on any device

When your customers encounter a problem on their travels they don't want to wait around for a response. Live chat helps agents get to the root of problems immediately, all whilst providing a more human conversation for your customers.

Faster response times
Customers receive information quickly as agents can share Knowledge Base articles and use snippets in live chat to quickly answer any queries.
Insights into customer behaviors
Agents are able to see what pages customers are browsing and what they are typing before a message is sent, letting them provide more efficient and informed support.
Mobile support
Provide your customers with access to support services via live chat from any device, wherever they are in the world with your Help Center .
Rapid feedback
Live chat gives your customers the option to rate how helpful the assistance they received was; gather instant feedback about your support team.
Deskpro’s Admin interface is so powerful, especially with the different options for ticket triggers, it's a huge advantage for us. We spent four months, combing through all the various ticketing systems, and Deskpro kept coming out on top.
Chris Evans VP of IT Operations