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Deskpro clients Deskpro clients

Deskpro tripled our support capacity overnight.

John Issa
Director of Operations

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"Deskpro tripled our support capacity overnight. It drastically enhanced what we can do."

John Issa, Director of Operations


"Even though we had tested Deskpro thoroughly before purchasing, we were still shocked at the depth the reporting tools could go."

Roshan Vinayan, Project Manager

Hotel Chocolat

“We’ve been using Deskpro for over six years and are really happy with everything. We’ve never had any issues with the software, and our agents love how easy it is to use.”

Kevin Wilson, Head of IT

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Helpdesk software built for the modern merchant

Shopping has traditionally been a brick-and-mortar experience. However, your customers can now shop from anywhere, on any device, at any time. The success of your business depends on whether you can adapt to meet, and exceed, the ever-changing expectations of today’s digital consumers.

Deskpro is designed to empower the modern-day retailer. Manage all your customer interactions, across all channels, from one single helpdesk. Whether you want to effectively manage refunds, or simply reduce the frequency of abandoned carts, Deskpro has got you covered.


Understand performance, at-a-glance

The best decisions are driven by data. Without it, improving your customer experience is nothing but guesswork. With the help of sophisticated reporting tools, it’s possible to reveal valuable insights, allowing you to keep agents productive and customers happy.

Deskpro allows you to truly understand the support you provide. Our helpdesk includes intelligent and in-depth reporting features which never fail to capture actionable insights.

Information is beautiful

Deskpro offers 150+ built-in and customizable reports that display data any way you like.

Drive performance

Improve agent performance with handy features like macros, snippets and mass actions.

Understand your customers

Identify how to improve crucial support processes and workflows, reducing friction for everyone.

Deskpro met all our extensive requirements regarding reporting and custom field data.

Evie Brown
Helpdesk Manager, Xerox


Keeping customer data secure

Processing mountains of sensitive shopper information every day produces risks. Hackers relentlessly try to plunder retail sites for valuable information, and that’s why Deskpro is designed to keep your customer data completely secure.

Deskpro takes security as seriously as possible. We offer both On-premise and Cloud helpdesk deployments. Our Cloud servers operate with state-of-the-art level security technology, and can be hosted in either the EU or USA. If your requirements or preferences ever change, Deskpro allows you to easily switch between deployment options.

We wanted maximum up-time and zero-hassle. Opting for Deskpro Cloud was an easy decision.

Roshan Vinayan
Project Manager, Impelsys

Guaranteed uptime

Because we take our security seriously, Deskpro can guarantee over 99.9% uptime.

All bases covered

Deployment and maintenance of our servers is automated. Leading third-party protection minimises security risks.

Secure Cloud

Don’t have the resources to host your own server? Our Cloud service is secure and reliable.

Maximum control

Define password policies, or restrict logins from untrusted IP addresses.

Safe hands

Our data centers are regularly audited to meet the SSAE16 SOC 1 Type I standard for physical security.


Self-service support for smart shoppers

Customer queries can be very similar in nature, and in no short supply. This means your staff are faced with the time-consuming task of resolving each issue individually. Self-service support gives you the opportunity to gather answers to common support questions, and readily share it with your customers, all from your user portal.

Deskpro is built to promote efficient self-service. Our software features sophisticated content authoring and publishing tools, so you can create a rich knowledgebase that lets your customers help themselves.

Frequently answered questions

Students and staff can refer to the knowledgebase for answers to common problems, whenever.

Ticket deflection

Encourage self-service by automatically suggesting articles aligned to ticket issues.

Lightning-fast search

Users can find articles in the knowledgebase - quickly resolving their own queries.

The powerful knowledgebase allows us to efficiently fulfill user requests.

Evie Brown
Helpdesk Manager, Xerox

Live chat

Engage more, sell more

Today’s consumers expect their online retail experiences to be seamless; regardless of whether they’re making a purchase or a product inquiry. With the global average for cart abandonment at over 77%, you need to improve the customer journey and give shoppers every opportunity to spend more with your brand.

Deskpro’s Live Chat feature connects you to your customers in real-time. Our chat widget allows you to proactively engage with shoppers and offer help when they might need it most. Providing unrivalled convenience for your customers means your brand can outpace competition and drive significant revenue.

Live Chat saves agents time, and allows them to connect with our customers at critical stages in their journey.

Mike Offenbecher
Maintenance Manager, Poly vinyl co

Chat on any device

Allow your agents to have meaningful conversations with users on computer, smartphone or tablet.

Respond at warp speed

Agents can see chat replies as they’re typed, enabling them to pre-empt issues and respond swiftly.

A friendly face

Agents can easily send text snippets, attachments, URLs, and emojis as part of their responses.


Create support superheroes

The software support teams use should be simple, easy, and effective. Becoming a support superhero in retail requires deep familiarity with a whole ecosystem of software applications, so it follows that your next helpdesk should be as easy-to-use as possible.

Deskpro makes clearing support tickets an absolute breeze. Our powerful automation features make life a hundred times easier for agents, so they can focus less on admin, and more on building meaningful customer relationships.

Our agents would write the same answers to different customers, multiple times a day. Now agents just select the correct response, personalise it and send it straight across to the customer.

Roshan Vinayan
Project Manager, Impelsys

Two heads are better than one

Deskpro allows agents to communicate with each other within the helpdesk using IM and “@” mentions.

Reply all

Mass actions and macros allow agents to apply the same action to up to 50 tickets at a time.

Perfect responses

Agents can use snippets to insert pre-written text with just a couple of clicks.

Automate the simple stuff

Use triggers and escalations to run dozens of automatic actions in response to events in the ticket life-cycle.

Exceed expectations

Agents can see exactly when tickets are approaching an SLA or getting stale, and are prompted to act.

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