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Nurture your player community

Modern gaming companies are faced with a mountain to climb. Fostering massive communities of enthusiastic players, remaining within budget, and handling a wide range of sensitive support issues is no mean feat.

With Deskpro, you can turn your casual players into die-hard evangelists of your franchise. Our helpdesk software for gaming brings together all your support requests into a single, intuitive interface - regardless of whether it’s over email, phone, or live chat. With Deskpro, you can effortlessly create the ultimate helpdesk for your fans.


Productivity hacks

The more popular your game, the more organization you need in order to manage support requests. Ideally, you want to spend your time building a community, but things go wrong. Game services break, release dates shift, and plans are always being adjusted.

Deskpro allows you to effortlessly manage even the biggest communities of disgruntled gamers. Our software comes with powerful automation tools, allowing even the busiest of community managers to handle support requests like they’re on easy mode.

Supercharged support

Save hours by configuring triggers that run automatic actions in response to ticket events.

Exceed expectations

Use escalations to trigger actions in response to ticket events, and ensure your SLA’s being met.

Timely escalations

Set up time-based escalations for tickets that have spent too long in a certain state.

Respond at scale

Mass actions help agents respond to up to 50 tickets with the same response; perfect for updating players about outages.

Perfect responses

Insert pre-written responses to typical issues with a couple of clicks, and link triggers in tickets using macros.


Let players help themselves

Video games have evolved over time from solitary experiences into live, ‘always on’ worlds with millions of players, and super-engaged communities have grown around them. This means you’re going to be receiving support requests around the clock, from all over the world.

Deskpro makes providing perennial support possible. Our customizable self-service user portal and knowledgebase means players can answers their own questions, leaving you to become more productive. Our software comes with sophisticated content authoring and publishing tools, so you can effortlessly create a self-service portal that lets your players help themselves.

Apps and Integrations

Integrate your helpdesk

Managing gaming communities means making sure the tools are in place for your team to support players. This means connecting your helpdesk with the other critical software applications that are vital to your operation.

Deskpro is perfect for gaming and development teams. Our software is built to align and integrate with existing applications that are crucial to success. Whether you automatically want to flag bugs in Trello, or seamlessly connect Deskpro with your player database, we make integrating your helpdesk as easy as possible.


Effortlessly retrieve, create and update helpdesk data.

Apps by the dozen

Our library of bespoke helpdesk apps and integrations means you can pull information from other apps.

Create your own apps

Code your own widgets and apps using Javascript and HTML, or use our PHP framework to develop full apps.

Far-reaching triggers

Create automatic triggers which respond to events within your helpdesk with webhook actions.


Multiple titles, one helpdesk

Managing a catalogue of successful gaming titles means dealing with a diverse range of player support issues. Whether it’s handling product keys for a new release, or rolling out patch updates for your most popular release, you need the ability to efficiently and accurately categorize your support requests.

With Deskpro, providing great support across dozens of titles is simple. Our software makes it possible to create and customize multi-branded portals, allowing you to offer dynamic support to all your players - using a single helpdesk solution.


Protect your community

Making sure your players are protected is key to success. Processing massive amounts of transactional data every day, and the increasing value associated with player accounts means your software investments need to be incredibly secure.

Deskpro always gets a highscore for security. We offer both On-Premise and Cloud helpdesk deployments. Our Cloud servers operate with bank-level security technology, and can be hosted in either the EU or US. If your requirements or preferences ever change, Deskpro allows you to easily switch between deployment options.

Guaranteed uptime

Because we take our security seriously, Deskpro can guarantee over 99.9% uptime.

All bases covered

Deployment and maintenance of our servers is automated. Leading third-party protection minimizes security risks.

Secure Cloud

Don’t have the resources to host your own server? Our Cloud service is secure and reliable.

Maximum control

Define password policies, or restrict logins from untrusted IP addresses.

Safe hands

Our data centers are regularly audited to meet the SSAE16 SOC 1 Type I standard for physical security.

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