Helpdesk software for today’s support leaders

Management is tricky. You have to make sure that your team is getting work done as well as ensuring your customers are happy.

Deskpro brings together all of the helpdesk tools you need to understand performance, improve support processes and help your team succeed, together.

The world’s best support teams are powered by Deskpro


Reveal actionable insights

Quantify, analyze and improve agent performance. Understand customer behavior and reveal how you can empower and encourage agents to provide even better customer experiences. Whether you want to monitor satisfaction ratings from customers or discover exactly how long agents take to answer tickets, Deskpro helps you create an outstanding support operation. From agents, to managers and even C-suite decision makers, reporting opens up a world of possibilities.


Visualize the data and metrics that matters most to your organization on custom or in-built dashboards.

Custom Reports

Use simple DPQL query language to build and share reports with the exact data you need to act.

Stat Builder

Run dynamic reports using almost any metrics and criteria and choose from a range of visualization formats.

Ticket Satisfaction

Monitor customer satisfaction scores across tickets and agents to discover opportunities for improvement.

Stay on top of everything

Powerful automations prompt your team to act

Sometimes even the best support professionals drop the ball. So Deskpro is designed to give your agents every chance of success and ensure nothing critical ever falls through the cracks.


Monitor your helpdesk response times and automate actions to maintain high standards. SLAs provide helpful nudges so agents can see exactly which tickets are close to failing.

Traffic Lights

Tickets turn from green, to orange, to red as the ticket SLA lifecycle changes, prompting the agents to act accordingly.

Top Priority

Ensure agents deal with the most urgent issues or highest priority customers. SLAs allow agents to prioritize tickets appropriately.


Increase ticket urgency, re-assign tickets, or send survey requests after tickets have spent a defined period of time in a specific state.

Outlook was a nightmare. With Deskpro, I can run reports on pretty much anything, and keep an eye on how my team are doing in real-time.
Andrew WeissDirector of LTL Operations

Listen, reflect, and improve

Your support team are the backbone of providing an exceptional customer experience. Satisfaction surveys provide direct feedback from customers, showing where your support team are thriving and where there is room for improvement.

Keep customers satisfied and boost employee morale by presenting agents with the impact they have on a daily basis.


Know your customers

Great support starts with truly knowing your customers. Deskpro comes with extensive CRM features that help you build meaningful customer relationships.

Instant History

Gain access to ticket history and previous customer interactions.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to forms that capture any relevant CRM data.

Control Registration

Access to your Help Center can be restricted with authentication apps.

Database Integration

Import or integrate with other CRMs to keep your team armed with key information.

On-the-go CRM

Access your helpdesk and CRM from anywhere with Deskpro’s Android and iOS apps.


Deskpro automatically populates customers’ avatars for ‘face-to-face’ conversations.

Realize your team’s true potential

Agent time is precious. Finding the balance between providing personalized experiences and departmental efficiency can be tough. With Deskpro, you can automate mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing your agents to focus on providing great customer support.

Our software has powerful, easy-to-use automation features that handle routine tasks and enforce business rules. This means your agents have more time to provide support with a human touch.

Track and assign tasks to your team

Making sure that your team is working in an efficient and timely manner can be tough. By using Tasks, you can streamline your team using task management.

Aligning agents workload and effectiveness is something that any helpdesk manager can do with ease, using Deskpro. Automatically create tasks, that can be linked to tickets, using triggers, escalations and SLAs.

Our agents prefer Deskpro over other helpdesks because of the user-friendliness, clear interface, and technical flexibility.
Nam NguyenDirector of Client Implementations

Collaborative Tools

Keep your team in sync with instant collaboration

Communication and collaboration are the keys to any successful customer support operation. Agents need the tools to work as a team to prevent duplicated work and confusion. Deskpro’s extensive collaboration features empower your agents to help each other and allow you to provide support to agents who need it.

Fast instant messaging

Built-in instant messaging ensures you don’t need a separate off-site messaging app. Keep all messages in one place.

Track important tickets

Follow tickets assigned to other agents to get notified about changes. Perfect for tracking important issues without getting in the way.

Ticket collaboration

Agents can add internal notes to tickets only visible to your support team. Notes form part of the ticket history, so it’s easier for other agents to find the necessary context they need to collaborate.

Productivity Tools

Supercharge your support

Ensure agents have the perfect response every time, automate tedious processes, and provide personal support at scale with even more Deskpro productivity features.

Perfect responses, in two clicks

Snippets allow agents to insert common answers in just two clicks drastically increasing the number of tickets that can be responded to each day.

Reduce Mistakes

Help your agents reduce spelling or grammar mistakes by using snippets. Craft perfect responses in just two clicks.

Speedy Personalization

Agents can edit snippet text before it’s sent, enabling them to tailor responses for that personal touch.

Multi-language Support

Create snippets in different languages so that you can provide international support.

Scale support responses

Quickly apply the same action to a number of tickets at once and stop wasting precious time clicking through each ticket one by one.

Multiple Responses

No need to reply over and over again to the same issue. Respond in one action.

CSV Export

Tickets in table view can be downloaded so that the data can be analyzed elsewhere.

Automate common processes

Level up your common helpdesk processes using macros, which automatically carry out a series of predefined actions.

Avoidable Actions

Utilizing macros saves your agents time by streamlining processes into one action, creating huge productivity gains for your helpdesk.

Super Agents

Agents can cruise through workflows by highly automating the process. Using macros makes even the most complex of tasks simple.

Never forget to follow up

Ensure agents are doing everything they can to get a ticket to resolution. Set reminders and prompt agent activity with multiple time-based actions.

Improve Accountability

Prompt agent activity, automate individual ticket actions, and set up reminders regarding important issues.

Sophisticated Automations

Define exactly when you want an action to run on any ticket. Set ticket status, assign team members, add replies and notes, or run multiple actions with macros.


Discover what customers really think with Community

Nurture customer engagement and strengthen relationships by providing a transparent place to crowdsource ideas. Allow customers to see, comment and vote on topics most important to them. Provide a roadmap to track the progress of responses to feedback and show you are listening to them.

Community engagement

Decide how you want to collect ideas. Engage your customer base and organize your Community area with varying Topics. Used for internal and external feedback.


Customers and agents can vote on the feedback they think is most useful, allowing you to prioritize improvements.

Easy to manage

Within the helpdesk, you can check, track and respond to feedback - which customers have submitted via the Help Center.

Use custom feedback statuses so they can see if you’re planning on implementing a suggestion or not.

Keep customers in-the-know

Customers can follow feedback threads and receive alerts when issues have been addressed by your team.

Make account management simple

No support team should have to endure the tedium inefficient account management. Benefit from the simplicity of single sign-on, and remove the hassle of resetting lost agent passwords. Integrate with authentication apps such as Active Directory, LDAP, SAML and others.

Faster Log-in

Agents who are already logged in to one of many accounts can be seamlessly verified in Deskpro without seeing a login screen at all.

Multiple Accounts

Let agents sign in with their preferred social media account, or login details from your ecommerce or forum platforms.

Filter Agents

Only want to authenticate customers from one department that’s part of a company-wide directory? Not problem. Just use the Deskpro customer source filtering system.

When a helpdesk just works it is beautiful, and Deskpro did that from day one.
Arnis MorkansHead of IT
We tried a few different helpdesks but when I tried Deskpro the multi-branding capabilities really won me over.
Mark FrankfurtFounder & CEO
We started off with Spiceworks, then we went to FreshService, they were good but too pricey as anything we were looking for was an add on, with Deskpro everything was included in just the base pricing.
Nick MartunasIT Manager
We tried OSTicket, Freshdesk and a few others, but none of them provided the flexibility and full multi-brand compatibility that Deskpro does.
Roshan VinayanProject Manager