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Helpdesk software that’s simple to use

Your agents are the beating heart of your customer experience. Without engaged, happy and efficient agents, it’s almost impossible for your business to provide the support your customers really deserve.

Agents simply need the right tools for the job. And that’s exactly what Deskpro is designed to do - equip your agents with everything they need to deliver efficient and effective support to your customers.

Agents love the user interface. It’s intuitive and actually enjoyable to work with

Brandon Farrell
IT Team Lead, Still Solutions

Find everything in an instant

When it comes to customer support, agents require swift access to any information that can help them resolve issues quickly. Searching your helpdesk shouldn’t be slow, clunky and ineffective.

Deskpro gives your agents lightning-fast full-text search of tickets, user records, chat transcripts, knowledgebase articles and other helpdesk content. Our software uses advanced search technology to turn a wild goose chase into a single, simple search.

A beautifully designed interface

For most customer support agents, the helpdesk is where they spend most of their time. It only follows that agents should feel at home when using support software, and an engaging interface is absolutely crucial for happy and productive agents.

With Deskpro, agents have access to extensive preference options, allowing them to customize how their interface and notifications work.

Personal preferences

Agents never miss a thing with Deskpro. Our software features extensive personal preferences for browser and email notifications.

Mobile apps

Even when your agents are away from their desk, they can still view, manage and respond to tickets using our powerful iOS and Android apps.

Any device

Deskpro works great on almost any device or screen size. One and two panel views allow your agents to resolve customer issues, without any hardware hassle.

Increase efficiency

Happy agents make happy customers. When agents use great software, they’re empowered to do a better job and tackle tickets with enthusiasm.

Keep it simple with email

Although we live in an age of tweets and snaps, there is still room for trusty old email. When it comes to supporting your customers, agents often use email as their primary form of communication - and we try to keep this in mind.

With Deskpro, agents don’t have to be logged in to reply to tickets. They can reply to customers, perform ticket actions and create notes - all using their email service provider, like Outlook or Gmail.

A helpdesk in your pocket

Today’s digital workforce are used to working remotely, from multiple devices, on-the-go. Allow your agents to take a powerful helpdesk with them, wherever they go.

Deskpro keeps your agents in sync, even when people are out of the office. Answer, manage and analyze tickets with real-time updates - directly from our seamless Android and iOS apps.

Push notifications

Receive notifications regarding any new tickets, updates or internal messages - as they happen.

Multi platform

Deskpro features mobile apps for both Android and iOS. So whichever tribe your agents belong to, they can still interact with each other - wherever they are.

Cross-platform communication

Unlike other helpdesk providers, Deskpro always updates and notifies in real-time. There’s never any confusion, regardless of whether you’re using desktop, tablet or mobile.

Simple interface

Our easy-to-use mobile apps allow agents to use the best and most important features of Deskpro with ease and simplicity.

Full access

More than just viewing tickets. Agents can respond, explore and track customer support issues from their mobile device.

Deskpro is an integral part of our everyday processes. The whole team uses Deskpro to help support our customers and improve our service.

Mike Wray
President, Mariner Software

Keep it simple

Agents shouldn’t have to waste time with unnecessary and time-consuming tasks, and great helpdesk software should makes life as easy as possible for the agents who use it.

With Deskpro, agents can simply drag and drop crucial attachments into ticket messages. With our software, agents can focus providing great support to your customers.

Better for everyone

Quickly sending a screenshot or image attachment can often mean the difference between a confused customer and a happy one.

Eliminate tedious tasks

Removing repetitive tasks from your agents’ daily workload quickly results in less errors and happier customers.

Copy and paste

Agents can paste screenshots directly from the computer's clipboard; further reducing time spent finding images buried in multiple desktop folders.

One response, multiple uses

Do your agents receive the same support queries, over and over again? Having to type out the same, standard responses to repetitive questions can create quite frustrated agents.

With Deskpro, agents can effortlessly craft perfect responses every time. Our software comes with snippets, which allow your agents to insert pre-written phrases, sentences or complete "canned answers" in just two clicks.

Perfect responses

Improving the level of support your helpdesk provides is ten times easier using a library of snippets.

Different languages

Agents have access to snippets in multiple languages, so any of your international customers can still receive the same level of support.

Just two clicks

Simply click on the snippets button, and select the snippet you want to use. Simple, fast and foolproof.

Reduce mistakes

When agents have to keep typing the same response, mistakes happen. Help your agents eliminate any spelling or grammar mistakes.

Create your own

Agents can create their own snippets to help them answer specific questions, or help them to add a little flair to responses with ease.

Efficient and personal

Agents can edit snippet text before it’s sent, enabling them to tailor responses with a more human touch.

Streamline complex processes

Eliminating unnecessary actions and processes is one of the most effective ways of improving efficiency and agent engagement. If your workflow requires agents to carry out the same set of actions across many tickets, the why not automate the process using macros?

Deskpro comes with sophisticated macro features that enable you to group several actions together, and execute them with a single click.

A single action, dozens of replies

Do your agents ever need to reply to a dozen reports of the same outage, or get rid of a load of spam tickets? Repetition can become the bane of some agent’s work lives.

With Deskpro, agents can select and apply the same action to up to 50 tickets at a time. Creating huge productivity gains for everyone across your helpdesk has never been so easy.

Reduce wasted time

Stop re-typing repetitive messages for the same issues. Agents can write a single, personalized response, and send to multiple customers at once.

Personalized responses

Customer names can be inserted into messages using shortcodes. This means every response via mass actions is automatically personalized for each individual customer.

Clear inbox

Mass actions are a great way for your agents to maintain a ‘zero inbox’. Many issues can be cleared in one fell swoop.

Our agents would constantly re-write the same answers for different customers, multiple times a day. With Deskpro, agents just select the correct response, personalise it, and send it straight across.

Roshan Vinayan
Project Manager, Impelsys

Move your team forward

Sometimes the rest of your organization needs insight into support interactions in order to do their job properly. It shouldn’t be difficult for agents to forward and export information that other departments or third-parties need access to.

If you have teams that work without access to your support helpdesk, agents can forward tickets data from Deskpro with nothing but ease.

Keep it confidential

Notes aren’t included in messages, meaning you don’t share private internal communications outside your helpdesk.

Need to know

Whole or partial email messages can be forwarded from tickets to recipients outside of the helpdesk. Agents only have to share relevant information with third-parties.

Managed forwarding

Administrators control how agents forward emails, and from which email address. Make sure agents don’t accidentally forward the wrong tickets to the wrong people.

Familiar format

When agents forward tickets from your helpdesk, recipients receive tickets in standard email format, so that it’s easy to understand and respond.

Collaborate instantly

Effective communication is key to creating a support department empowered to work as a team. Without it, agents can fail to draw on the invaluable knowledge of colleagues.

Deskpro features built-in instant messaging tools way more sophisticated than standalone internal chat solutions. Our software provides agents with the ability to communicate and collaborate with ease.

Make account management simple

Managing lost passwords and login processes can become a nightmare for helpdesk managers and admins. Taking the hassle out of account management means everyone can spend more time on what matters most.

Deskpro allows agents to sign in using existing accounts, with single-sign-on (SSO) from 20+ supported authentication sources. Never deal with another ‘I lost my password’ email again.

Faster login

Agents who are already logged in to one of many accounts can be are seamlessly verified in Deskpro without seeing a login screen at all.

Multiple accounts

Let agents sign in with their preferred social media account, or login details from your ecommerce or forum platforms.

Filter agents

Only want to authenticate users from one department that’s part of a company-wide directory? Not problem. Just use the Deskpro usersource filtering system.

Empower agents to perform

People are capable of both making mistakes and performing small miracles - your agents are no different. That’s why Deskpro is designed to give your agents every chance of success.

Our software is full of features like SLAs, escalations and alerts that prompt agents into action. If your staff forget to respond to a ticket, they’re automatically alerted before it fails an SLA.

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