Discover what makes your customers unique

Get to know your customers with a helpdesk CRM ticketing system built for better support

Develop a deeper understanding of your customers

Deskpro CRM ticketing system allows you to build a meaningful and accurate picture of each user

Custom fields

Define custom fields for users. Capture specific and important information from tickets.


Categorize with labels so agents can find and understand users with ease.


Allow agents to share and view notes about individual users for collaborative understanding.


Attach files and documents to user records. Keep everything relevant in one place.


Automatically populate user avatars. Always put a face to a name.

Ticket history

View and sort the ticket history of individual users for deeper insights.

Find out who’s who

Create a detailed view of the organizations your customers belong to

Domain recognition

Automatically group users together based on the organization they are associated with.

Full picture

Apply labels, custom fields and notes to each organization, or see entire ticket history at-a-glance.

Positions and roles

Assign positions to individual users within each organization for a detailed and contextual view of who your customers are.

Organization managers

Create managers with the ability to see and manage all tickets associated with their organization.

Already have an existing database or CRM?

Effortlessly and automatically import data from your existing applications or systems

Deskpro comes with a full range of apps, integrations and tools that allow you to import user data from other sources. Routinely auto sync new users from Active Directory and LDAP, import spreadsheet data, or integrate with CRM applications like Salesforce and Highrise for seamless CRM population.

More than just a user database

Combine in-depth user records with sophisticated automation tools for powerful results


Create groups of users, and assign permissions to each to determine how they can interact with tickets, your user portal, live chat, and more.

Deep automations

Align detailed user profile information with automations to create a truly intelligent helpdesk

One-click view

View all user interactions and message history from a ticket. Discover everything you need to know to solve user problems swiftly.

Instant search

Search for users from anywhere within the helpdesk, and create associated tickets with ease.

There's more

Manage a hassle-free helpdesk CRM ticketing system


Track chargeable agent time for accurate reporting, or track flat-rate charges associated with each user or organization.


Create reports that illuminate billing details and other helpdesk performance metrics against users and organizations.

User management

Keep your helpdesk user records healthy and up-to-date. Merge, delete and ban users with simplicity.

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