Dive into your data

Understand customers and improve your support with actionable insights

Why Deskpro?

Customizable Reports

Configure reports that reveal what matters to you

Key Insights

Maintain SLAs and departmental performance

Improved Support

Discover what is and isn't working for you and your customers

Manage Billing

Track time spent on support with accuracy and ease

Reveal more with reports

Sophisticated and full-featured reporting is an essential part of any great helpdesk. Deskpro displays key performance indicators like unresolved tickets and average first response times.

If you want to change what reports reveal, simply adjust time frames and filter results by department, product, agent or many other fields.

Everything you need to know

Valuable insights

Delve into the details that matter most to you and your team. See how many tickets fail SLAs, compare ticket resolution times between departments, identify your busiest times and much more.

Powerful built-in reporting

We've got you covered. Deskpro's Report Builder offers 50+ built-in reports that you can customize with pull-downs, allowing you to effortlessly display data in thousands of combinations.

Fully customizable

Need more specific information? Build reports which reveal the exact information you need, including graphs and charts. Export to CSV or PDF.

Discover opportunities, and weaknesses

Drive agent performance with data

Improving agent performance is easier when you've got solid numbers to point to. Monitor agent activity, hours worked, time billed and ticket satisfaction scores.

Deeper understanding

Endeavour to find out how your customers are interacting with your helpdesk. Learn how they're using channels, and determine where you may need to invest more resources.

Eliminate painful processes

Some support processes can do more harm than good. With Deskpro, it's easy to find out what might be getting in the way of fast and effective issue support.

Monitor what matters

Clock's ticking

Track agent time accurately. Configure your helpdesk so a timer automatically starts counting as soon as an agent opens a ticket.

Custom billing fields

Need to know who to send an invoice to at the end of the month? Store exactly the information you need using the same powerful custom fields system as tickets and CRM.

Billing reports

Track chargeable agent time automatically for accurate reporting, or track flat-rate charges to your users.