Do more with your data

Understand customers and improve your support with insights you can act on

Customizable Reports

Configure reports that reveal what matters to you

Key Insights

Maintain SLAs and departmental performance

Improved Support

Discover what is and isn't working for you and your customers

Manage Billing

Track time spent on support with accuracy and ease

Customizable Dashboards

Monitor what matters to your organization

Insights you can truly act on

Built-in reports

Use our built-in reports to quickly access key helpdesk performance data that helps you truly understand your support operation.

Report builder

Combine dozens of metrics and stats to create dashboards that reveal everything your organization needs to know about your helpdesk.

Stat builder

Run dynamic reports using almost any helpdesk metrics and criteria you can imagine, and choose from a range of visualisation formats.

Control access

Keep reporting running on a need-to-know basis. Determine which agents and teams have access to specific data.

Everything you need to know

Get valuable insights at-a-glance with dashboards

Delve into the details that matter most to you and your team. See how many tickets fail SLAs, compare ticket resolution times between departments, identify your busiest times and much more.

Discover your strengths and identify opportunities for improvement

Monitor helpdesk performance accurately. View ticket stats, agent activity, hours worked, time billed and ticket satisfaction scores.

A little context

See the recent uses of any snippet, tickets that used that particular snippet, or sort snippets by frequency of use.

Deeper understanding

Learn how customers use channels, and determine where you may need to invest more resources.

Eliminate painful

Find out what might be getting in the way of fast and effective support.

Ticket satisfaction

Monitor customer satisfaction scores across tickets and agents to discover opportunities for improvement.

Fully customizable reports

Generate reports with the exact data you need to act

Use the simple DPQL query language to build and share reports with the right data for each stakeholder in your organization.

Monitor what matters to your organization

Clock's ticking

Track agent time accurately, and audit all agent acitivty. Configure your helpdesk to automatically capture all agent helpdesk actions.

Custom billing fields

Need to know who to send an invoice to at the end of the month? Store exactly the information you need using the same powerful custom fields system as tickets and CRM.

Billing reports

Track chargeable agent time automatically for accurate reporting, or track flat-rate charges to your users.

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