Install DeskPRO On-Premise

After installing, you'll get a free 14-day trial helpdesk. Full feature access. No credit card required.

Download DeskPRO Virtual Machine

Download the DeskPRO virtual machine for "1 minute DeskPRO deployment".

Automated install on Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS

Got a new Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS virtual machine or bare metal server? Run an automated script to install DeskPRO (plus dependencies like PHP) hands-free.

Automated install on Windows

Download a complete Windows installer to automatically configure a fully function DeskPRO installation in minutes.

COMING SOON: Launch on Amazon EC2

Using an Amazon EC2 account, you will soon be able to launch a DeskPRO helpdesk immediately.

Install from Source

Download the installable version to run your helpdesk on your existing server. Use any OS and webserver combination that supports PHP.