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Work efficiently with productivity features

To deliver great customer service, your agents need to keep on top of your ticket load. With DeskPRO's time-saving features, agents can work efficiently while still delivering support with a human touch.

Real-time interface

Our advanced agent interface is so fast and easy to use that you'll forget it's a web app. When tickets change, you see updates in real-time - no need to keep hitting 'refresh'.

Power features save agent time

Use snippets to insert pre-written text into ticket replies or chat. Store a sequence of actions in a macro and use mass actions to work on dozens of tickets at once. Track which underlying problem caused which incidents.

Instant full text search

Search the full text of all your helpdesk content just like you'd search the web. Remember solving the same problem three months ago, but don't remember the details? You can look up the ticket in seconds.

Our whole team loves the new full-text search features in DeskPRO!

Anirudh Sanjeev, CEO

1000 words a second

Take a screenshot and paste it straight into the ticket reply box from your clipboard. No need to save it to a folder, then find it again.

Drag and drop

Drag a file or image to a ticket within the agent interface to attach it. You can even drag files between tickets or from DeskPRO to a folder on your desktop.


Insert phrases, sentences or complete "canned answers" with snippets.

Perfect responses at your fingertips

Use snippets to insert pre-written text with a couple of clicks or by typing a shortcut code. You can edit the text before you send it to tailor it for a personal touch.

Chat faster

In chat, use snippets for opening and closing phrases, or to insert a quick holding response while you work on solving the problem.

Snippet variables

Include variables in your snippets to automatically personalise the response with ticket info. For example, you can have a snippet that automatically addresses the user by name.


If your workflow requires agents to carry out the same set of actions on lots of tickets, you can automate the process with a macro.

Macros enable you to store several actions, then run them with one click. You can share macros you create with other agents, to ensure everyone is working efficiently.

You can even apply a macro at the same time as you send a ticket reply.

I only want to thank all of the DeskPRO personnel involved for adding additional functions for macros to DeskPRO... Close tab is a very professional finish and it saves a click which should be the purpose behind macros, right?

William Main, IT Manager

Mass actions

Need to reply to a dozen reports of the same outage, or get rid of a load of spam tickets?

You can select up to 50 tickets from the filter pane and then apply the same action to all of them.

You can even apply a macro as a mass action.


Write up an article answering a common question and then insert a link or the whole text into a ticket reply with one click.

Anyone can create articles and include screenshots or diagrams with the easy rich text editor.

Ticket deflection

Once you've developed your Knowledgebase, the ticket deflection feature shows relevant articles to users as they submit tickets on the portal.

You can solve the user's problem before a ticket even exists, with no extra agent time spent.

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